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27 April, 2013

Isabel Marant, a casual Parisian chic!

Navy and white are such cheerful summer colors. As I develop my love affair with this Isabel Marant distressed boot, I am a little more into a relaxed gypsy look. Just like the other local Parisian designer,  Manoush, they both initiate a look that is equally beautiful, whimsical and yet giving a impressive image that won't bore you over time.   

 photo IMG_3269_zps8e22c9a2.jpg
Manoush floral parka. 

 photo IMG_6530_zps7e777de2.jpg
 Hermes Bleu de Galice 35 Kelly, J crew emerald bracelet, necklace, Isabel Marant boots 2013

 photo IMG_5599_zps8611df91.jpg
Isabel Marant boots

 photo IMG_5920_zpsa30d5575.jpg
Elfi Altendorfer beaded bracelet

 photo IMG_6531_zpsb16a5ff6.jpg

Enjoy your weekend. 
xoxo Rachel 

17 April, 2013

All I Need is Sacai!!

The moment I saw this Sacai 2013 sweatshirt, I proclaimed "This is a no-brainer, just get it!" The front looks so simple yet the detail is whimsically highlighted at the back of it.  

 photo IMG_3710_zps09e6b295.jpg

 photo IMG_3697_zps0dd9d28b.jpg

Sacai dress version 2013 

 photo IMG_3744_zps104334e0.jpg
Accessories: Marni last season necklace, Hermes bracelet, Kelly Bleu de Galice 35, Jimmy Choo 2013 heels 

 photo IMG_3745_zps5f5a2d6c.jpg

Got a sweatshirt?
xoxo Rachel 

13 April, 2013

Spring is here!

My parent flew here from Taiwan to visit us and they acclaimed how perfect the weather is.  We are certainly spoiled by California's weather and for some reason I am proud of the hospitality of the weather that my parents seem to concern before their arrival. Obviously, when you get used to the tropical climate, any degree temperature drop will be a drastically change and need an adjustment. As far as my parents is concern, they will have no problem to tour around now.

 photo IMG_3556_zps664e6296.jpg

 photo IMG_5917_zps83972bf2.jpg
Beaded bracelet by Elfi Altendorfer

 photo IMG_5920_zpsa30d5575.jpg
They are stackable every way you want.  

 photo IMG_3563_zpsa5e3d33e.jpg

Chanel 2013 green camellia flip flop sandal, Vanessa Bruno tote, Chocolate Rain hand-made doll ornament, Prada sunglasses

Enjoy a sunbath with SPA 85 
xoxo Rachel 

10 April, 2013

Necessary, Useful and Beautiful!

As far as I am concerned, anything if it is necessary, useful or beautiful is all very subjective to individuals.  I have the most impractical pieces in my wardrobe according to my hubby( but little does he know about fashion, right? ), but for me, they are my best "on set" looks. As you know, I go to all era of film auditions so my treasure-hunt pieces from vintage shops often turn out to be the best wardrobe for 60s', 70s' or 80s' films.  And sometimes, it is also easier to have a "look" ready for directors and producers to foresee you in a particular role. No, I am not talking about nurse, police... costume-y roles as I don't favor those parts. Ha~ Aside from acting, developing a profound style is a brain-storm process for me to learn and to evolve and to enrich myself in a life-time journey.   

Now, come down to my newest addition: a silk shirt by Alexis Mabille. For some reasons, I love white shirts and I have at least 15 pieces of different style/fabric white shirts. Couple of them are torn because of delicacy parts of eyelid, and lace trim but I still keep them and I only keep torn white shirt. lol. Can't afford a closet full of unwanted or unworn pieces, right?  Clothes for me is like a photo album for most people, they are my memory!  

 photo IMG_3320_zps873814a3.jpg
Those are the words I took picture off while hubby and I were in Marc O'Polo store in Pairs. 

 photo IMG_3435_zpsda3bebb2.jpg
 34 Galerie Vivienne, Paris 2ème

 photo IMG_5893_zps8623f3eb.jpg
I love white shirt's timeless and I adore the low and round collar on Alexis Mabille very much. 

 photo IMG_5912_zpsdc90620d.jpg
Alexis Mabille silk shirt, Chanel skrit, Anne Valerie Hash oxford, Wildford socks, Moncler, Hermes' Bleu de Galice 35CM Kelly  

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-10at92751AM_zpsbbe6efa9.png
Spring 2013 

 photo IMG_3437_zpsf05427ec.jpg
Spring 2013

03 April, 2013

A Hip Restaurant Cafe in Paris!

I appreciate good art, fine craftsmanship and decadent design in pretty much about everything. It's like the object or the space will speak passion to you. How exciting!! 

I had several requests from friends of buying stuff from France and I got most of their loot in the southern France.  I am also happy that I scored Hermes' Kelly in Cannes for myself.  During our last couple days stay in Paris,  it happened to be Sunday then a national holiday (Easter) on Monday that most stores closed. I made a personal note that I will have to either prolong the stay or visit Paris before any natioal holiday in the future. However, we were lucky enough that couple stores that I really want to revisit are magically open. 

Here is a hip Cafe we had lunch at while waiting for my fave. store to reopen after their lunch break. It is called Le Preaumur and is very close to the place, Galerie Vivienne, where I bought lots of cute little souvenirs. I enjoyed their interior lighting fixtures, store setting and their Coin-Coin salad with Foie Gras and smoked duck breast which is very rare to see in any menu in USA. 

Another note is I found an impeccable ceiling light designed by Max Sauze. They come in silver and copper. We had it in silver ordered and shipped by next Month. I am sure it will lighten up our formal dinning area and make the look grand. 

 photo IMG_3447_zps26cc9520.jpg

 photo IMG_3461_zps40070a07.jpg

 photo IMG_3463_zpsdb16252b.jpg

 photo IMG_3465_zps6bfd8311.jpg

 photo IMG_3459_zps1b183dd6.jpg
The moment I sat down, I noticed this bubble light bulbs that I was intentionally to have them for my house in San Francisco. I appreciate the warmth and industrious look of them. 

 photo IMG_3444_zpse9295707.jpg

 photo IMG_3471_zps2eb4ce70.jpg
This Cafe has the coolest ceiling lights ever~~ 

 photo IMG_3457_zpsbaeed6f7.jpg

 photo IMG_3454_zpsa26b1bcf.jpg

 photo 903631_437104163038976_1636496688_o_zps517e8378.jpg

 photo IMG_3150_zps61d9ce5d.jpg
This is the version of Copper! 

Ply yourself with a hearty salad toady as I intended to do so myself.   
xoxo Rachel 

01 April, 2013

Fashion in Paris!!

I know I would freeze myself to death if I worn only Ederm lace dress out in Pairs. Therefore, just as much as I want to show off this past season Ederm runway piece, I realized I can always wear it back home in San Francisco. And you know what, it turns out it is a good call to layer my Chanel tweed dress over it. I love the look and it actually made the whole look so full of volume and depth. What do you think? ^O^ 

 photo IMG_3276_zps9adca46d.jpg
I am not sure if I was blinking my eyes when hubby took this picture or it is just I was too proud of my look of the day. ha~~ 

 photo IMG_3300_zps1177172a.jpg

Here I was at Hermes boutique at 17 Rue de Sèvres. I enjoy the vibe here and I am so joyous that they let visitors take pictures inside the building. You now how it is everywhere in the shops that they even forbid taking pictures of those Macarons in the pastry shops.  I mean?? Why?? They are just Macarons... lol... 

 photo IMG_3332_zps3e65423f.jpg
Ederm lace dress, Chanel tweed dress, Les Fees De Bengale suede jacket, Wolford socks, Chanel boots, Hermes Kelly 35cm in Bleu de Galice. 

I am flying home tomorrow and I have yet to finish posting all the pictures that I want to share with the world. Ah... maybe I should start tweeting... ha~ 

xoxo Rachel 

From Nice to Monte Carlo to Cannes by Car.

(Couple wording revised)

Hubby and I always enjoy driving in between small cities or big cities or any town in Europe. We never get cold feet even people comment about how difficult or troublesome or scary to drive in Europe. As a matter of fact, my kind of driving is like people in Europe, fast, precise and always look "forward" to the destination - so I enjoy NO speed limit  ( Actually after I post this blog, the taxi driver in Paris told us that now they do have speed limit in Paris and there are a lot of hidden cameras. )  Ouch~~ 

The tip of driving in Europe is you always need two kinds of maps, one is printed map while your the other map, electronic one fails. If you plan to stay longer than a week and you would like to visit some other towns near by, it would come in handy to have an Internet service on your phone.  Thus, you can always upload a Google map, or whatever map to guide you through the cities.  There are local phone service and you can ask about their rate of charging Internet service with phone service. They are not cheap but if you need it, you NEED it! ^O^ BTW, most of cars here in Europe are stick shift, for us, we love it. But if you don't know how to drive a stick car, you better mention about it before they give you a car. 

 photo IMG_2944_zpsf231d3d9.jpg
We walk along the coast of Nice where we rent an apartment. 
How cute of this lady's fashion that I had to stop her for a photo! 

 photo IMG_4980_zps79ccc0cd.jpg
We only encounter 1 day rain and because of the weather's mercy, we can drive to Monaco and Cannes  the following day without worrying about the traffic/burring sights. 

 photo IMG_5061_zpsc1c2e034.jpg

 photo IMG_3009_zpsdd2dd4a3.jpg
Adventure to Monaco. 

 photo IMG_2999_zps61263206.jpg
This is the most beautiful ocean i have ever seen. Ah, I know, besides, Maui, Mexico, Honolulu...  hee~

 photo IMG_3037_zps86769588.jpg
Here we are at Monaco. 

 photo IMG_5250_zps14354260.jpg
Delay no more, the next day, we ventured to Cannes where I bought OMG my Bleu de Galice Kelly!! 

 photo IMG_5423_zpsb6a42987.jpg
Hermes Kelly Bleu de Galice

 photo IMG_5240_zps0b316402.jpg
It seems to be a tradition that we have to try the fish soup here. Somehow, I prefe soupe à l'oignon.

 photo IMG_5259_zps5bb41881.jpg

 photo IMG_3063_zpsd25ef4e3.jpg
I reserved 1st class train from Nice to Pairs and it took us almost 6 hours. 

 photo IMG_3087_zps9b4c36ab.jpg
Enjoy a moment of peace on the train!

 photo IMG_5351_zps22532d72.jpg
There are tons of hidden gem here that you will enjoy a treasure hunt: I even found my beloved designer shop: Alexis Mabille. 

 photo IMG_5347_zps73ca23ca.jpg
I found this cute, handmade doll which is designed by a Hong Kong designer: Chocolate Rain. 

 photo IMG_5435_zps2f4e45cf.jpg
I really enjoy the vibe and local market in Saint Germain area where we stay!! 

See you again in Pairs post. 
xoxo Rachel 


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