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28 October, 2013

Fool-proof BBQ Ribs/Chicken

The weather definitely crisps up these days in San Francisco. I was out and about doing chores and realized that a tank and a hoodie are not going to keep me warm enough anymore. For some reason, when I was walking on the street, someone's waft of perfume instantly reminded me a holidays' coming.  Not sure if it is an ordinary scent that I sniffed all the time when walking by cosmetics counter in the mall. ha~

Holidays, hum,... I know some friends are doing their Christmas shopping already. Well, yes, you hear me right: Christmas. I think I might start looking just to get a head start. Other than gifts preparation, holiday's cooking is another big task. Now is definitely the time to horn my holiday cooking skills. 

Today I am going to share the easiest recipe I found online with my personal twist to make the perfect succulent BBQ Garlic chili Ribs and BBQ honey chicken drumlets and wings with you. 

 photo IMG_5274_zps2f0ce1a2.jpg

  • 1 medium sliced onions
  • 1 cup of ketchup  
  • 1/4 cup of red wine vinegar 
  • 1 Tbsp brown sugar 
  • 1 lb. pork spareribs ( You can make up to 4 lbs and ust double the amount of ingredients listed above.) 
  • Half bottle of Garlic-chili BBQ sauce ( store bought at Wholefoodsmarket ) and I also used William Sonoma's peach Jalapeño BBQ sauce in another batch.  
 photo ScreenShot2013-10-28at102131PM_zpsbadb4373.png


  1. Preheat Oven to 375 degrees F 
  2. In a large bowl, combine onions, ketchup, red wine vinegar, brown sugar and split ribs down to the center between the bones. 
  3. Heat a large lightly oiled willet over medium-high heat. I brown my ribs directly in the Le Cruset. 
  4. Directly place the oven proof pan ( in my case I just stick in my Le Cruset pot). Or if you need to transfer to another pan or casserole dish, make sure you pour half the sauce over ribs. Reserve the reminder. 
  5. Bake ribs in preheated oven for 1 hours first. Take out, and pour the rest of the sauce in. Baste and turn meat every twenty to 30 mins. You can cover the pan with foil but I only do so when I see the browning too quickly and want to slow down the process. After 2 hours, pour half bottle of Garlic-chili BBQ sauce or whatever flavor you like into the pan. Baste and turn the meat, cook for another 30 mins. The total cooking time is 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours depends on your oven/meat quantity. 

 photo IMG_5267_zps57ed02b7.jpg
Brown the ribs over the stove top first 

For the chicken, I simply drizzle grape-seed oils over chicken drumplets and wings, sprinkles some black pepper before I pop them into oven uncovered. After 30 mins, pull out and pour your favorite BBQ sauce, sprinkles 1 TBSB extra brown sugar and bake for another 10 mins. You can adjust the amount of sauce according to the quantity of chicken you wish to make. As long as all the pieces are covered with sauce and you baste them again for about 10-20 mins, I guaranteed you will have a flavorful BBQ chicken no matter what!! ( There are tips of cutting the wing tips off...... well, for me, I don't want to get into that much work. But maybe when you are doing larger batches, you just make sure every piece was soaked evenly in the sauce.) 

 photo IMG_5265_zps13c5ffb7.jpg
Bake chicken without browning 

 photo 0f1f9dcc-2b62-4f36-9086-7d06fb47aa6e_zps0e438def.jpg
Finger licking tasty~

Eat your protein
xoxo Rachel 

25 October, 2013

Minimal feminine look!

So I talked about one of the decadent classic looks in my humble opinions is white shirt paired with slightly drop-waist pants. What about those who are up for more feminine but in pants?? Ah ha, I got you covered again. A pencil skirt!! 

A reason that the pencil skirt is a solid wardrobe choice is it flatters all types of body shapes. Different length gives you multiple choices; such as length hits around the knee, below the knee, or mini pencil skirt. Try on the ones that is not clinging but tight enough around the waist and butt, less wrinkle-ish while sitting in your skirt. Once you got those things checked, you will look both smart and sexy in a pencil skirt. 

Didn't I mention that leopard prints is everything and classic!? I have the one and the only leopard halter top which I never store it away from my sight. Why? You know why!! ha~ 

 photo IMG_5120_zpse0e55e9e.jpg
me and my BFF Pei. 
 photo ScreenShot2013-10-25at105427PM_zps1fb03c8c.png

 photo IMG_5116_zps80438246.jpg
Pei is wearing Shui Chen crawl neck sweaters and you know we are going to have Shui Chen's trunk show in California. 
It is going to be on 11/15 and I will post an online invitation soon. 
So stay tuned, don't miss out for a party and fun evening with us in person ~

Wear your pencil skirt!
xoxo Rachel 

23 October, 2013

Man's trousers!

Shopping at Men's department is not new thing, but It might become a trend. I already have a pair of trousers which I bought from Men's department like 15 years ago. The style doesn't change much (now you know how slowly Man's fashion evolving. lol) except I tailored it as tapered and shorter to ankle length. It is still being loved by me as its unique fabric has a beautiful gray and blue sheen on it.  Now I have another pair of man's wool, gray trousers. Gray, such a classic color. I love how it sits on my lower waist and drop-crotch look. Just slightly slouchy which gives a laid-back but not an impression that I am wearing an ill-fitted pants. 

As I get witted while I am getting older, I found myself enjoy a classic decadent style more. Such as simple black and white outfit with intricate prints peeking out from the lining, all black outfit with leopard patterns sparingly on either top or bottom.  Or like today's outfit, a nice silk shirt paired with man's wool trousers. A casual attitude with all the superb quality.  Enjoy myself like nothing more!

 photo Cotelacpants_zps6545c7e9.jpg
Alexis Mabille silk shirt, Cotelac wool man's trousers, Ann Demuleumeester lace up brogue

Got a pair of man's pants??
xoxo Rachel 

16 October, 2013

Let's Party with Shui Chen!

Yes, that's right. We are planning a trunk show with dear friend aka fashion designer, Shui Chen, in mid. Nov. I will have invitation out by this weekend for you. We are going to meet Shui Chen in person in California and showcase her Fall/Winter collection 2013. There is going to be so much fun, so much food and so much wine and best yet, you get to try her whole collection. Before it goes official, let's make that our little secret. 

 photo 5065a5c0-2675-4f11-b170-8a2b12b1956a_zpsb0c546e3.jpg

 photo 23d5c93d-c349-4551-98ef-dd37ffd9875a_zpsc629a812.jpg
Shui Chen crawlneck sweater, Demuleumeester lace-up flat, Suzuki Takayuki organic cotton pleated pants, Hermes Herbag, and lots bangles. 

Have a little fun. 
xoxo Rachel 

06 October, 2013

Perfectly Matched!

When I was much younger, I didn't like GOLD jewelry. They seem to be a statement for much older women to me.   But somehow, I am attracted to things in gold shades nowadays.  As a matter of fact, the purer the gold is, the better!!

I always love the idea of wearing one kind of earrings at one side and different on the other. Maybe it is a statement of saying that I just want to be a rebel sometimes!!? Okay, I should stop the self-analyzing and simply enjoy myself!

 photo IMG_3805_zpscca02242.jpg
gold-casted coil ring, ear cuff /earrings

03 October, 2013

Happily Married Leather and Wool.

I am not a minimalist but guess it is just the trend that drives me wearing less layers! With this season's burgundy and gray pieces on me, sure I still look fashionable. 

 photo IMG_3681_zps095d9c25.jpg

 photo e128e6a2-1820-4c01-8071-428c16e0096a_zps9a881eed.jpg
Shui Chen New York FW 2013 burgundy leather top with silk peplum at bottom back, Chanel 2013 scarf, Monolo Blahnik sandal, leather bag, Prada sunglasses. 

02 October, 2013

Breakfast in Bed and in Style!

I can't seem to get enough of Christian Lacroix, their decorative pillow is so intricate that I feel like I almost get lost in its beautiful embroidery, printed pic. sequined details. I cannot believe that the one with "Paris" embroidery pillow is not be able to ship to USA so I only acquired two with "London", "Madrid" and that pretty butterfly one!!

This morning, I feel like charging myself with high protein so I pan-fried 3 egg-scrambles, melted some gouda cheese and tossed over green salad with grilled shrimp and asparagus on top of it. 


Like I said, style is never stopping evolving so is our taste buds. Make a nutritious breakfast for you and love of your life. 

Bon Appetite!

 photo IMG_3626_zps13a5ca88.jpg

 photo IMG_3632_zps963054e6.jpg

xoxo Rachel 

Napa Wine Tasting at Castello Di Amorosa.

Driving to Napa is the easiest thing if you wish to get out of your daily routine and enjoy a one day getaway. I have yet been to Castello de Amorosa in Napa, so I thought it might be worth the trip. And, I was RIGHT!!!! A whole case of varies wines went home with me last week. 


 photo IMG_3327_zpsa7bbbfe7.jpg

 photo IMG_3322_zpsc9452dd9.jpg

 photo IMG_3363_zpsff031c39.jpg

 photo IMG_3331_zps14b18c22.jpg
Shui Chen New York leather/polyester top, Mother Jeans, Pierre Hardy sandal, Hermes large bangle. 

Napa is the best!
xoxo Rachel 

Gotta Sweater?

Just a selfie moment at home with my new Maison Scotch leopard sweater! Love~

 photo IMG_3277_zps635a7ae2.jpg
Love fall to come 2013
xoxo Rachel 


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