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Holiday Plan: Nutcrackers!!

It takes a lot of effort and talents to be a brilliant dancer and I absolutely admire those ballet dancers who performed on stage from SF ballet. The Nutcrackers ballet we experienced is one of the perfect performance I've ever encountered. It is fantastic!!!

Love tistheseason~

xoxo Rachel

A Little Opulent is for Holidays.

Put together any holiday outfit should be simple! My rule of thumb is to start with one statement piece that you like and add basic pieces around it. Sometimes, the simplest outfit is the most eye-catching look. Trust me! 

The loose braids I did for holidays. 


Good friends started their own restaurant in Mt. View, Cal. and we were invited to a special private dinning.  Let's anticipating their grand opening in January 2014. ^L^ 

Happy holidays, 
xoxo Rachel 

Holiday Party Candy Pop Look.

Holiday Party Look #2: A colorful sequined top assure you are the party spotlight.

Decadent Classic Holiday Look.

Holiday outfit #1 look : Monotoned black and brass/gold head to toe. 

Aqua by Aqua top, Amour Vert eco friendly skirt, Alexander McQueen clutch, Valentino heels, Hue thighs, Momo's March moon bracelet, Iosselliani earrings.