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Hear Fashion, Breath Style: From Pleated Skirt to Man's Suit.

I am a make-up artist for a TV production currently which we almost finish our first episode. I can't reveal what it is but I can tell you it is an interesting life style of documentary film in San Francisco. And to tell you some more, it is not fashion but it is certainly an omnipresent trend in the big cities. Just like Fashion, we see it everyday and we wear it everyday except some has superb style, some is still evolving his/her way trying to find a personal look of him/herself. 

I am grateful for being able to do whatever I am passionate about and I am also grateful that I don't have to compromise myself to earn a living through million other ways and struggle. But I do hope I can be great at what I am enthusiastic about and eventually make a living out of it. We are trying our best doing self-improving everyday, right???? I hope you keep up your dreams and never go far from it. 

By the way, dress-up to please is almost my staple, so I am not sure I am into "man-repell…

Paint me Roosters!

I preordered this printed roosters pencil skirt last year 2013 and just received it last week. As far as runway is concerned,  I am not much ahead of the game but I do get to wear it the instant moment the weather permitted. I am happy with the clashing of striped top and roosters' bottom, especially the cropped jacket from Dries made the whole look seem so pulle-together. Fun, isn't it!!

Zara striped tee, A.W.A.K.E rooster pencil skirt, Dries Van Norton cropped jacket, YSL iridescent heels, Ryan Stroer ear cuff/earrings, brown leather small shopping bag. 

Busy as a busy bee in summer.  xoxo Rachel 

Gluten free oat flour scone with ground flaxseed, chia seed and dry nectarine!

By now you probably can tell that I am a huge scone fan. I love scones but I can't really seem to find the perfect gluten-free scone with low Glycemic index out in the market. I know, there are Vegan variety available but most of them use sugar cane or agave syrup which doesn't really fight the craving nor hunger but makes the blood sugar spikes up and down. Then I'd crave for more snacks later on, so, what's the point of eating those, right?? Well, I don't have diabetes but I do demand all the ingredients to be top quality and meet my high healthy standards... which I know, you'd say, make your own then!! So this is exactly what I did and I am always on the lookout for a perfect scone recipe. 

The fun part of making my own scones is "the various dry ingredients" I can roll inside my scones.  I have tried raisins, slivered almond, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, goji berries, and even flaxseed and whey isolated protein powders. Ha, if …

Pre-Spring Coat!

Suddenly the temperature just dropped in North California and I finally had the chance to lather myself in long coat again. I think Styles is like a particular muscle functioning in your body, the more you exercise it, the better it reacts, right?? I realized one thing that no matter how hard I tried to make my looks toward minimalist, I always end up with something that elaborates a sophisticated style in me. Well, it is ME, being consistent is good, right?? Since I become so busy the beginning of this year, I couldn't update my blogs much. Like I said, my fashion muscle still function well and I never let being stylish slips far from me.  

BTW, I had a new rule for myself: I can only buy 3 pairs of new shoes in each season, and I already max it out! Well, it's all worth the splurge though. Let's see if I can wait until Summer.... it's another new season, right? 

I adore this Marni cocoon sleeves coat very much and don't you think this look is forever decadent!!?

2. …