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My friend, Rebecca, wore Y-3 stripes sweater, distressed silver brogues and a simple white shirt!! She says that she always loves to reveal a little flesh of her neck.... which deem to be the sexiest part of a woman's body!!

The Hat!!

Coincidentally, I paired HATs when wearing both Tsumori Chisato and Kron By KronKron shoes twice. I am glad that I will be able to act nonchalant for anyone staring at me curiously!! Well, in fact, people are very nice, they mostly smile at me and my hat! ^^ 

Vintage ivory hat. 
It is a bit like peasant blouse as the two big sleeve holes kinda attached to the torso. 

M Mission dress, Max Mara skirt (wear inside-out to show polka dot lining), Chisato pale pink blouse, charcoal tights, blue polka dot socks, Kron by KronKron sling-back wedge

Tsumori Chisato s/s 10'

There is nothing un-like about her pieces!!!!

Chisato blouse Urban outfitter highwaisted skinny jeans Kron by kronKron shoes PS1 yellow clutch G Shock watch Designer Elfi's chain n' beads necklace

This is the perfect hat for me to wear to Taipei and Indonesia..... it says SPF 50+!! (Bought at WholeFoodsMarket, By San Diego hat company)

Maybe these two cute things could be my future hats too!! 
(from Lilith)

Packing Light (clothes for now) ~~ to Taipei!!

So, couple days ago, I pondered what kind of "theme" of my outfits I'd pack in my luggage to Taipei and Indonesia!! Then I read MadsAboutYou's comment on my last post: what's not to wear when she travels to Philippine?

That's quite a good way of eliminating USELESS clothes and keeps packing tidy! If you must looking fab. for some reasons, or some parties, .... there is always a place to SHOP, isn't it!!

Then I thought about my way.... "the theme"-- Ah, ~ PRINTS.... all kinds of prints. They do best when mix and match together. Digital or ink-jet, animal, floral, abstract,......doesn't matter!!! ^^

Other than Marni's vivid color combination, I love the conventional ways of doing prints of Dries Van Norton's collection.  I waited for sales to embrace myself in some busiest but also the pretties prints of his collection. (His prints is not digital print and thus takes a lot of work a.k.a expensive for those intricate prints to complete la…

Leather Skirt and Skincare Ritual!!

I think it is safe to say that all the leather byproduct such as leather jackets, leather tanks, leather vests, leather capes (hum...I'd love to have one), leather pants (shorts, any sort), leather skirts, leather hats, leather gloves..... are wardrobe essentials. 

I had a pretty inspiration from her outfit.  (A super beautiful model, and a photographer)I don't have a leather shorts yet but I so much want to get one now!! :P

My ODJ. 
1. Top:  Black tube braZara pink tankHM lace cropped jacket 2. Bottom:  Vintage BCBG leather mini skirt 3. Accessory: Organic white beret (bought at 08' star broochMarc Jacobs (past season) white aviator sunglassessome complimentary golden bangles from NM PS1 yellow clutch4. Shoes: Chloe ankle wrap sandals in nude/tan

Today we took kids to SF zoo and had a great time w/ Renee's family again. The difference of this time from last week is hubby came along and we had a great food in B STAR restaurant!!! 


Packing Light (in the flight)~~ (Part I)

I just heard my friends' in Taipei said that it is getting HOT AND HUMID in Taiwan now. So I am going through my luggage again to kick out some more clothes which I wouldn't be needing them at all.

This is original my flying sure!

I still have time to rearrange my luggage and I will show you what did I pack w/ me. ^^
Stay Tuned!! xoxo Rachel

Girls' Night Out!

We love sex n' the City 2 movies and I think all the gals in the movie theater had a great laugh yesterday!!! I even think some of the gals are too "high"(the mood) when watching the movie, and they laugh so hard that I start worrying about the wrinkles climbing on their faces after 

I will be heading to Taipei next Wed. and sure I know I will be missing my friends a lot here in USA. (I know you probably will see me on blog still so you won't forget about me!!! ^^)

I don't know what happened to my shirt...shrunk? Sure I don't like the exposed midriff there... :P

Happy Long Weekend!! xoxo Rachel

Kron BY KronKron-- THE RED!

No, I am not a mean girl...haha.. 

Have a good evening!!
xoxo Rachel