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Fur, more Fur, and then Fur fun!!

When we are in London and Milan, it is the chillest day in our trip.... it is about 46 degree F.  When we were back in SF yesterday evening, we certainly feel much warmer. ^^
It is great to be HOME!! My friend said that the "home-sick" feeling would last us about 4 to 5 months until we want another VACATION to be away from home. lol. That's so true!!

Wilfred cami, Marni shearling coat, Fox fur vest, HM high waist skinny pants, J Crew military belt, Brown/beige leg-warmer wore as "arm-warmer", Chanel 10A brown tweed/fur tall boots, Chanel 10A Rouge/Orange reissue 226.

I am going to put up our Christmas tree this weekend!!
Where is your Christmas tree?

Last Day in Milan, Duomo + Fashion, What else?!!

The grand front view of Duomo!
The 3rd largest church in the world next to Vatican and the one in Spain.

Euro 0.8 a candle. We did three!!

Mosaic widow paved w/ stories about Catholic.

kids love climbing stairs since they are very young.... since they are only 8 months old for my 3 children. This is our last stop in Milan and in Italy that by no means, all of us climb to the top of the roof. Considering the Duomo we climbed in Firenze, this is easy cheesy, a piece of cake! ^^

More steps to the top 

The roof level 

Copper-plated Saint Maria statue on top

After seeing the landmark in Milan, thus the fashion!! ^O^ Strolling down those high fashion shops, I found this cute chocolate/candy store, "Conti Confetteria" which is perfect for souvenirs,or  favors for my gals back home!!

On me: Missoni 10' collar, M Missoni sweater w/ ruffle front, Valentino For Gap Jacket n' cargo pants, Boss gray scarf, Chanel 10A Marron tote, Ethic shearling-lined boots

Chocolate heels/purses. 


Milano - Valentino for GAP!!

DH wants to drive all the way to Milan but I insisted that we stick w/ our original plan --- EuroStar all the way and it takes less than 2 hours.
Here is a whole look w/ Missoni black collar!
Are you ready for this Christmas yet?
DH said that I am doing free advertising for Chanel... lol. 
Thanks to Ceci, my friend from Canada, who tells me this exciting collision of Valentino For GAP!! I also stopped by HM in Milan to check out Lanvin for HM collection. I saw they still have some leopard heels and dresses available in the store. 

It is very big in Milan and packed w/ people!! I guess everyone is busy shopping for Christmas gifts already!
Jacket Euro 149; Cargo pants Euro 139 (or so)

I seldom try out a whole outfit look (Jacket + cargo pants) but I kind of liking this whole military green ruffle all over urban chic. 
Yes, shorts again!! My signature look in Italy! ^^  There is always history in Italy and there is always fashion involved in Milan! We are in front of Duomo w…

Day 5(last day) in Firenze.... a visit to Venezia!!

I barely keep up our travel speed w/ my journal n' blogging at the same time in between cities in Italy.... and I barely have the strength to keep my eyelid open as I am typing right now. lol  But memory is the freshest and will be kept the longest if I "capture" them at this very moment, thus, I stayed up!! 

Today we drive ourselves to Venezia and again, it is quite a challenge. As you see, trucks, tunnels, fogs especially on the way when we entered Bologna. Apple I-pad is the best navigator but we have to download the map first and let it cached to be able to navigate us later on when we need it!!!

The same way to Milano and to Venezia.... until it splits!

We probably past 10 tunnels on our way to Venezia.

The fog and trucks are very persistent all the way till we passed Bologna!

 Finally ~ yeah~ after we drive through this big "river??", yet another totally different vibe of city in Italy--Venezia!

Venezia: A city w/o cars driving through between the alley, a …