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Chanel Maxi 2011 !!!

Chanel Maxi Dress
Chanel pearl necklace as belt
Chanel maroon tote 
HM lace cropped jacket (10')
Missoni lace up Espadrille 

xoxo Rachel 

Skin Detox - A Perricone $150 or less Giveaway!

Didn't I just tell you that we are going to have another fun, and exciting GIVEAWAY!!  Well, here it is!!
(The GIVEAWAY is sponsored by the 3rd party and I am not affiliate with this GETSUPER company.) 
Not only did I personally love to read about the newest skin care research/product that are available in the market but also I update myself constantly of the anti-aging facts with my dermatologist. Ever since I did Sclerotherapy (a procedure used to treat blood vessels or blood vessel malformations) under her supervision on my left thigh, I worship my dermatologist very much for her professionalism. ^O^
Now, I consult her very often about the ideas of all the anti-aging theories and also clear the cloud of misconception about collagen supplement.  
Here I found two products from GETSUPER which draw my attention. I am doing Yoga religiously as you already know.  One of my yoga instructors says that "twisting" is great for our body as it also detox our stress and waste from …

Random Diary!!

A fellow reader told me that she bought H & M jumpsuit on ebay which tripled the retail price $19.99. She loves it so much that she is willing to pay that much!  Yes, as long as we like one particular stuff, we'd make sure that we get it!! ^O^ As long as you are sure about the decision you've made, stick with it, regardless what other people think.
Bobbi Brown Apricot 6 Blush (under different light setting)
Chanel Maxi Dress

Easter is coming~~~~

Stay tuned for GIVEAWAY of $150 or less of Dr. Nicholas Perricone whole product line !!
DO a good deed! xoxo Rachel 

Peach, Nude, Flowy, Chiffon~~~ All so Feminine!

Isabel and I are looking for nude/pinkish peach dress for spring's most feminine look. She loves Mango's new dress while I found this H & M nude JUMPSUIT for $19.99. You know how could I possibly pass it on!!

1. Top: HM nude jumpsuit with tassel belt Marni shearling reversible jacket 10'A
2. Accessory: Chanel maroon tote 10'A with gray
reclaimed silver earrings with mink fur (one side only) Chanel 11' vintage compact sunglasses

3. Shoes: Chanel pink/nude camellia flip flop 
Little Ilona likes to mess up things... around! ^^


"Mango" 11' dress
pic. Keepthebeat

My current obsession... nail crash!!

pic. from W mag.

2. Chanel 11' Chiffon pleated maxi dress!!
 The 3 camellia pins are removable which allows you have a fun of DIY look!

What's your current obsession?!
Have a fun weekend. xoxo Rachel

Daily Super Read for Your SKIN!

Let's keep it short and informative.
Click here "astaxanthin" to discovery more about Super! (pic. source: Getsuper) Stay tuned as I will have a GIVEAWAY of $150 or less of your choice from the whole line of Dr. Perricone skin care products next week!!
Let's stay young and stay strong inside and out! xoxo Rachel

Chanel + Marni = Unbelievable!!

It has been quite a while since the last time I put together an ensemble with lots of Chanel custom jewelry...well, you know what, today, I had a strong inspiration from browsing through Marni's last season look and I had to give it a try! ^O^

Marni 2010 PF (

1. Top: Boss Orange mustard turtle neck  Marni houndstooth shearling jacket  
2. Bottom:  Chanel 11' big pocket navy skirt 
3. Accessory: teal striped leggings Chanel 11' Cruise gold brooch (pin on the necklace as belt) Chanel 09' pearl necklace (as belt) Chanel 10'A maroon tote with gray handles 
4. Shoes:  09' fall Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels 

Love all the saturated colors all over me on this pictures. ^^

Plan a fun weekend, shall we all?!!
xoxo Rachel

Trend Irrelevant, Fashion Connected!!

My friend, Elfi Altendofer, always makes gorgeous and bold necklaces! I couldn't wait to get my hands on her newest pieces!! ^^  I had her custom-make two necklaces for one with pink beads on safety pin and the other with yellow spacers. The outcome of the looks are intricate and one-of-a-kind luxury!

I always have my own interpretation of edge, fun and urban twisted look, as you know!

  Yu gave me the white butterfly patterned lace legging which is too tight to fit me but my solutions is have the legs cut-off and trim the edges as they now are my arm/leg warmers and thus the "bottom" becomes my "SHORTS" for this look!!!
Yellow spacers and pink,clear,yellow, blue beads, translucent glass-tube on big safety-pins spike necklace. 

Urban look 1.
1. Top:  Max Mara asymmetrical tee

2. Bottom:  sheered black legging with self-stitched emboridery  lace shorts (cut off from leggings) 3. Accessory: Elfi Altendorfer yellow spacer safety pin spiky necklace Elfi Altendorfer pink beads…

The winner of SHOPBOP $100 GC GIVEAWAY is ~~~

1. Katie 2. Claud 3. Joan 4. Minh 5. sadatay 6. Faith J. 7. kris 8. Kai  9. pichieriuzen 10. LS 11. DesignCatalog 12. dos3n 13. Jasmine1485 14. e. 15. Betsy C. 16. Jessica  17. James Michael White 18. lewis 19. Cristina  20. AngelineBK 21. Sandie 22. The Fam 23. Bonnie 24. Jacquelyne 25. chocolaine 26. Anh 27. Vic 28. connie 29. East Coast-er Momma 30. Mummy Moon 31. vivian 32. bobo.mommy

This is an exciting moment that I announce the lucky winner for SHOPBOP $100 GC GIVEAWAY is #12. dos3n 
Please email me for your contact info. and I shall inform for you later!

Sheer and Bandeaux Trend!!

(with Helmut lang jersey/leather jacket)

Pei is the one who highly advocates me getting this BCBG bandeaux top. ^O^
Now I love it~~

Top: Vince long maxi dress underneath Y-3 red sheer maxi tank dress BCBG Bandeaux Helmut Lang leather jacket
Shoes: Alain wrap up boots 
Accessory: Bottega Veneta cashmere fingerless fishnet gloves Mink/reclaimed silver, sapphire earring (single only) Chanel 11P Red reissue 226

Sheer look is fun and you don't have to expose your legs underneath... Bandeaux trend is just cute as well that you don't need to look at it so seriously or act panic when it was worn inside out!! ^O^

Have fun with these spring trends, you have lots of options!!
xoxo Rachel 

PS. PS. The SHOPBOP $100 GC Giveaway ends next MONDAY (3/20)!
So, hurry up, get yourself an entry and have fun!

Layer the Brightest Colors From your Wardrobe!!

You don't have to worry about harmony or not, basically, bright color blocks would work great in any form. The key is to keep them segmented!! Torso, upper arm, lower body-hip, neck,........wear your most luxe. colors like the way of doing a body anatomy!! 
Sound wired?! It really works!! ^O^
pull down sweater...

Or fold up sweater to reveal more skirt... different silhouette would make your bright color look even more fun!!

Vintage teal leather/suede dress, Max & Co. lime green sweater with zipper, London Fog black patent leather boots

The thoughts of death toll would increase up to 10,000 in Japan filled me with dread. We family had contributed small donation toward Japanese people and I am thinking of donating more to help. At least I can do!!
Meanwhile, just read about the news of food contamination by radiative, Milk and Spinach probably should be eliminated from consuming recently. ... I know, it probably is irrelevant since we are buying spinach and Milk from local...but just…

Classic, Timeless, Always Chanel!!

Yu and I are gasping Chanel beauties yesterday whole afternoon. We are lucky that we both get the deal of 20% off everything during Bloomingdale's new account event. Who could resist a fabulous deal like that!!?

A reward to moms, ourselves!! ^O^

10A Dark Red (Dark Red/Orange) caviar reisse 226 with distressed SILVER HW and 11P Tomatoes matte reissue 226 with GOLD HW. 

Left (right red) is 11P Chanel matte (tomatoes) red reissue 226 which possibly will be gifted to my mom and (right) Yu's most soft and buttery purple/blue lambskin reissue ever~ I almost see myself trying to fawn over our new babies, pat the leather, and ...... haha~~ silly.

Thursday is my busiest day for I have a lot of duties and I have to make the best use of segmentary time throughout the day. After sacred morning Power Yoga work-out, I almost always out and about on the road after 2:30 PM, driving kids to different classes (imagining 3 kids have their own extra-curricular activities), going back home to clean th…

Timeless Chic!

I lost couple pounds over the weekends...probably just water detention on me is now GONE.  It seems a bit loose on me when wearing this Burberry Prorsum rivet-embellished sheath today. .... Thinking of alternating it or not? 
I love the hot pink lip trend and have been wearing hot pink lip color quite often these days!!  How about you? Orange or Pink? Pick a side!! ^O^

YSL #11 fuchsia!

Rock a summer sheath!!
xoxo Rachel