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02 March, 2011


I had three acting classes already and hadn't have a chance to record my acting.  


The silly thumb-drive didn't work at the first time and I was tardy the second class.....then my partner and I can't set the mood right for the scene last Sunday!! I can only hope things go smoother this Sunday!! ^O^ 

Geez, acting is hard, especially I am speaking in my second language instead of my mother tongue-Madarine. But at least I enjoy the class so much that I only regret I didn't start it earlier. 

So, how long haven't you really looked at your smile in front of a camera?!! 
Let's practice and spread the joy, shall we?!! 

xoxo Rachel 

The air is chill, sun is warm!! Thanks to Cathy who gives me the tights and takes pictures for me. 


1. Top:
Thakoon floral print fringe-trim dress
J Crew school boy beige blazer

2. Accessory:
Hue pattern tights 
Proenza Shouler PS1 clutch

3. Shoes:
Manolo Blahnik kitten-heel heels
(Jil Sander cut-out wooden platform heels)

grrr.... Can't even recognize myself here~~ what a silly smile!

Didn't I already tell you beige blazer is a magical piece!

See you~~


Charles said...

wow! look at those gorgeous gold shoes and chic sunglasses, you look like a movie star! love it :)

jhon said...

Nice and interesting one. Keep it up.

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