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22 March, 2011

Trend Irrelevant, Fashion Connected!!

My friend, Elfi Altendofer, always makes gorgeous and bold necklaces! I couldn't wait to get my hands on her newest pieces!! ^^  I had her custom-make two necklaces for one with pink beads on safety pin and the other with yellow spacers. The outcome of the looks are intricate and one-of-a-kind luxury!

I always have my own interpretation of edge, fun and urban twisted look, as you know!

  Yu gave me the white butterfly patterned lace legging which is too tight to fit me but my solutions is have the legs cut-off and trim the edges as they now are my arm/leg warmers and thus the "bottom" becomes my "SHORTS" for this look!!!

Yellow spacers and pink,clear,yellow, blue beads, translucent glass-tube on big safety-pins spike necklace. 


Urban look 1.

1. Top: 
Max Mara asymmetrical tee

2. Bottom: 
sheered black legging with self-stitched emboridery 
lace shorts (cut off from leggings)
3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer yellow spacer safety pin spiky necklace
Elfi Altendorfer pink beads small safety pin bracelet 
Free people metallic peach leg warmers
Chanel 08' large Rodeo drive tote (still my love~~)

4. Shoes:
Alexander Wang Abbey Gray sandal heels

A statement piece that differentiates you from anyone else!

Urban Look 2.

1. Top:
Theory black tee
Helmut Lang asymmetrical leather/jersey jacket 
2. Bottom:
Hudson black low-rise skinny jeans

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer fuchsia safety pin spike necklace
Hermes Croc belt with green/taupe buckle
Chanel 08' large Rodeo Drive tote

4. Shoes:
Alain wrap boots



Big and small safety pins intervening between each other!!

I love the strong contrast of Fuschia necklace and blue coated with Deborah Lippomann baby blue glitter nail polish. 


What's your fave. statement pieces?
Have fun with it. 
xoxo Rachel


dos3n said...

note to self, change pants that can't fit to shorts and pant legs to possible leg warmers. oh, i also got your tank top to girl tank dresses too. where do you come up with these ideas!?! i love the pink fuschia necklace, the color really pop!

chocolaine said...

Rachel, I adore urban look #1!!!

I hv a question, when ur kids were little, did u wear heels to go out with them? I mean when u were on ur own. I have hard time dressing up with a 5 months old in hand.

Savvy Gal said...

Love that fuchsia necklace. you look fab.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Catherine:
You know, one of my personal philosophy is to "make everything work" as much possible as I can. Yu gifted me those lace leggings and it would hurt me or even her if it didn't really work out on ideas pop in. That's almost how I see everything in I am a pathetic optimist sometimes! :P

Thanks, I love that fuchsia that really flatters my skin tone as well. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

No, Chocolaine, I don't wear stiletto while my baby are only 5 month old..I'd say that will probably too much to handle ... I had my second one while Niel (eldest son) is only 4 mon. old so wedge is the best I can walk in with. But as they grow older, like 3 years old, I tell them constantly that please follow me and hold my hands as I can't chase you around... you know, kids nowadays are smart that they know you'd chase them if you just continuously doing it and act panic whenever they run around. They play a fool out of you... :p

Anyway, my point is : relax and wear something "with height" but not necessary in HEELS if you are not comfortable with. This way, give you and your kids a "sign" that eventually you will walk back in heels in no time!! ^^

Ah, enjoy the time with your precious!! Especially he is your first.

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Savvy Gal. I am glad you like that fuchsia necklace and I will let my friend, Elfi, knows about your compliments.


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