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05 March, 2011

Food for Soul!!

You must have encountered this situation that you want one thing for dinner but rest of the family want another. Like my family, when I cook rice, there must be someone, at least one person who wants noodles instead.....^%$#*(^$>#;... so now I am trained to out-smart my kids that I'd cook both rice and noodles whenever I need to fix a quick supper just to satisfy all their taste buds!! 

I am also smart enough that I'd prepare one set of ingredients that work for both dishes. The only difference between these two dishes is additional "egg" added for fried rice and "cabbage" incorporated in Yaki soba, instead. Aren't they looking delicious!!? 

Garlic beef fried rice and beef yaki soba!!....Both dishes have beef, carrots, and green onion. 

Weekend has always been our family's quality time and today is such a wonderful weather that we went to Santa Cruz's beach.  We'd spend as much time with our kids as our best possibly can on the weekends and I know those happy memories will last life-time!!

Yeah~ Looks like Ilona is actually flying the plane!! ^^

J crew shirt, J crew school boy blazer, Fallon spike necklace, J crew studded belt, Paul and Joe sister shorts, Chloe wrap sandal, Chanel 10' Rouge/orange 226 reissue, San Diego hat co. striped hat. 

Beige, camel, caramel, .... whatever colors, they are family! ^^

Go and spend some quality time with your family!!
xoxo Rachel 


Betsy said...

That blazer is truly versatile! I really like how you've paired it with a few different styles.

I've been thinking of getting a pair of summer wedges. Lots of choices, but I feel like they are starting to look the same to me. Have you ever tried the brand Vincent Camuto? I'm wondering if quality is decent since it's not too expensive.

Anyway, that fried rice/fried noodle looks yummy. You know I'm always a fan of food posts.

Btw, I also have "Kauai Revealed", if you are interested.

litlstrawberry said...

^^ hey, Betsy, how is your vacation.... must be fun!!

Irene and I finalized our Kauai trip but the tickets are really expensive!! Well,... guess they don't have many flights flying over there, that's why!!!

The summer wedges, hum.. you know, I'd think platform wedge will be fun and great for walking..especially in Taiwan. The road is horrible and uneven!! The added depth of platform might ease the impact of walking on those hard surfaces....well, (IMO) ^^

Never heard of it but I will google about it for sure.

Now you mentioned, I might start to ask you for advices about activities that we can do in Kauai. ^^
Have a good Monday!!

LS said...

Your pictures always make me so hungry!!


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