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Ahead of The Game!!!

This is ME dressed as Samurai look at Feb. 2010 is the link to original post!! (For this old post: Please let me warn you that you can skip a whole lot of self-meditating talk at upper half post and scroll down to the bottom pictures!! lol.)
Here I cinch Marc Jacob dress w/ thick white leather belt as it would stay the way as is. 

So, what exactly are we look at here?

The belt!! 
The Martial or Samurai look whatever it is will be the hottest way to "accessorize" in 2011. 

2011 s/s Sonia Rykiel runway!!

I thought fabric belt cinched looks are familiar and it is not just Sonia Rykiel, there are also Haider Ackermann, Dries Van Noten..... they all up to the feminine w/ a twist of this tough-it-out belted look in 2011. 
I need a hair cut...yes, I know, "again"?!! 
I am not so sure what's the hottest trend for hair-do but I hardly stand my hair "style-less" for a week. ^O^ At least, I probably would want to grow my hair whilst keep the bob shape at back.

Stepping into 2011!!

I probably can start to lay out my new year's resolution!! ^O^
Each Christmas, no matter what, I'd like to buy a Christmas cake to celebrate w/ family or friends. It doesn't matter if the cake is Bûche de Noël or simply has "Merry Christmas" frosting to represent Christmas. 
This year, I bought a Princess cake which is a true Scandinavian cake w/ custard, raspberry filling. I never had Princess cake before and trust me, it is delicious!!!

Princess Cake (You can change the top Almond flavored skin to be PINK....a great birthday cake for little girls!!)

My dearest friend, Isabel, came visit her family here in bay area. Whilst shopping, she bought this "I-so-wanted-but-couldn't-find-it-anymore" 2010 engraved ornament for me!!!  Ah, I am so touched that she even remembers it!!! ^O^
What else I have been busying for these holidays except for resting and partying at friend's place?!! 
Hand-made gift bag decorating!! I guess I was really bored at home and I…

Not Valentino 3D Roses!!

We family had a quiet Christmas Eve this year.  Instead of partying, I cooked simple dishes for my family and kids watched "Polar Express" at home. 
Next day on Christmas, before we know it, kids already woke up and opened their Christmas gifts cheerfully. ^^ Well, I think my kids learned that anticipation brings them good joy!! I must say that I love Christmas spirit!! 

Yum yum, Dim Sum ! Aren't little girls looking adorable in holiday dresses!!

That's DH who escorts Irene and her little son ~~ ^O^

Me in last year Giorgio Armani LTD lip color.

It rained dog and cat yesterday so we took kids to bowling instead of feeding reindeer in SF zoo. 

Basically, those bowling balls are way too heavy for kids at this young age and they had to toss the bowls on the floor and let it row very slowly toward those pins! Kids love the game and finally my son had the reality idea of what bowling game is..... on the opposite of those games on Wii!! ^O^

I know, ....... the rain...
.....but I s…


Merry Christmas!!

xox Rachel

Holiday Inspired!!

What we have been inspired from holidays!!?
Modern Shorts (

Drape, pleated skirt w/ stockings and the perfect boots! (Balenciaga)

Score a pair of simple and classic wooden platform for any party. (on sale: Chanel)

Last minute treats shopping. (Las Vegas dice and poker chocolate)

Have a nice dinner w/ friends!

A gift for yourself. (Chanel mini flap Cruise collection 11')

Try a holiday make-up and whitening your teeth too!! ^O^

Be creative of party dresses.... a look of 70s' golden pants on me!!

Be w/ your family!! (Chanel 10' jacket from Shanhai collection)

Hope you are ready for your Christmas party whether you are staying home or partying out!! xoxo Rachel

Highlight Of Las Vegas Trip!

The day my whole family drop me off at the I go Vegas w/ my gal friends!!
Yes, this is my outfit on the way to Vegas~~~ ^O^

The 1st evening dinner at Michelin restaurant: Guy Savoy in Caesar Palace Hotel. I love their hearty portion (if compared to most other French restaurant) and slightly heavier taste.

I need to make sure my girls are looking at their most gorgeous the night so I did their make-ups and made them change their clothes from their original planned outfit. haha... ^O^
There, my pretty gal friends!! 
Our shoe show case: Miu Miu studded sandal heels, Christian Louboutin chain sandal, Bottega Veneta woven burgundy ballet flat and Jimmy choo!!

I have my Oscar de la Renta sapphire earrings and J Crew green glass cuff on w/ AQUA dress!!

Lobster Salad!! 

One of the signature dish: Emulsified milk w/ Cod! So tasty!!

So tender duck w/ sweet potatoes!

Mushroom soup (truffle + Parmesan cheese) w/o adding chicken soup whatsoever additional flavor.

Pear sorbet and cu…