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07 December, 2010

Friends and Family!

We girls are talking about which Michelin restaurant that we should make reservation at. Whether it is  L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand, Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace or Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at Mandarin Oriental hotel that we know we are in good hand!! ^O^

If you ask about my choice?

I'd give Joel Robuchon a first try! But my girls want me to make sure that I booked all of those restaurants just in case.... you know, we need to make ourselves presentable at the same time before we hit the table. haha~~
No, I feel chill but not cold at all when today I wear Prabal Gurung sheer shirt w/ feathers.

w/ Herems Gris T. Birkin (I am happy w/ only 1 Birkin at this moment.)


What am I looking/smiling at here?

My gals are chatting while I am doing my "thing" which means that they simply ignore me! :P 
(Melody is wearing her 10 s/s Chanel black n' white petal n' pearls necklace... so pretty!!)

w/ Chanel 10A Maroon tote


1. Top:
Prabal Gurung sheer shirt w/ shoulder cut-out and feather bib
Dyed Fox fur vest w/ leather trim
2. Bottom:
Marni 10' Fall trousers w/ back calf patches
3. Accessory:
Hermes Horn earrings
Hermes Croc tan belt w/ moss green(taupe) buckle
4. Shoes:
Alaia gold lace-up sandals 

I am sore all over my body as I went to the gym for 9 hours total last week. Thus, today, I skipped my work-out routine but soon after I also felt guilty.... :P Make it up tomorrow then~~ 
Do you keep up your work-out routine regularly?
Prepare for holiday binge!
xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

You look fierce, love the whole outfit!

Your shirt and pants look great together, and your horn earrings are gorgeous.

Do you know if these earrings were a seasonal item, or is it a part of their classic collection?

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Basically, I try to make it as often as I can.

But I am still, as they say, a work in progress :)

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I am glad to see you wearing your fur vest quite often!! It looks fantastic with your birkin. Oh, make sure you are making reservation at "Joel Robuchon" not "Atelier by Joel Robuchon." They are next to each other, but Atelier is the casual one. Joel Robuchon is the one with 3 michelin stars, whereas the Atelier has one.

I didn't recommend Guy Savoy because I have never been to the one in Vegas, but have been to the one in Paris, which rivals Joel Robuchon. If you decided to go Guy Savoy, please let me know what you think.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mona:
Thanks so much for your big compliment! ^^

I think their horn earrings are their both classic and seasonal collection. They always come up different styles but "HORN" is their iconic design. I found those horn earrings are very versatile and they cost sweat. ^O^ I personally don't use scarf a lot so I'd find something that really suitable for my daily life/use.

Wow, sounds like your are a keen athlete too. Regardless the "result" or "in progress", it is a good habit and should keep it up... for the long turn good!! I also notice myself benefit from Cardio. work-out a lot in the past year.
So ...what do you do then?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, sis,
yeah, that grayish fur is a perfect match w/ our FUR vest...just wondering are you sure you want to part it away... you know what do I mean!! I think that Gray Birkin has my "signature" style now and I couldn't think of a reason to SELL it anyhow. haha.. not even if I bought Kelly... ^^

yeah, I made the reservation on Guy Savoy on Sat. evening and will call Joel later during the noon to make another one (if available). Oh,, thanks for assuring me that otherwise I might book Atelier ..instead.

Ym said...

Hi Rachel
Looking gorgeous as usual!
I like to wear that look too but whenever I do,the shirt doesn't stay nice & flat especially when I sit & get up ,some part of the shirt get loose & don't look neat around the waist.
I would like to know your comment.


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