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Transitional Look --- Neon bright boyfriend cardigan!

My Outfit Du Jour  Korea local brand sheer two tone dress, Vintage Lactose (bought at urban neon green boyfriend cardigan (here is a similar with neon trim), (here is a lovely peach colors), washed, distressed white jeans, HoBo International printed python clutch, Hermes 2011 Mykonos Lizard CDC, Hermes Nomade watch with orange belt, Prada cat's eye tortoise with carved frame sunglasses , J Crew vintage inspired stud earrings, Melissa suede with curved heels (past season)
See, sweater doesn't have to be heavy and dark.

Pile or not pile since orange and blue are perfect together already. 

{PS. Do jump-squats which strengthens your thighs and stretches your legs at the same time. But remember, always light on your feet to protect your knee when landing on the ground.} 
Winter is the prep time for spring/summer's show time.  Don't be lazy, do your squats!! xoxo Rachel 


I think we are almost done with house revamps for this year. However, there is one spot which architecturally speaking is categorized as "soffit" and is omitted by both me and my contractor. Fortunately, we realized soon enough that we have to paint it "Proenza Schouler Sage Green" by next week.  
Yes, more green paint, please! 

I was going to find a shadow box to frame Ilon'a 2D painting the other day and I also found myself/my house some new home decor. to refresh the look. I love to make a refreshing changes on frames for my collected paintings and family pictures in my house. They are cheap and the easiest way to give my house a face-lift without costing me an arm and a leg.  I found a new mirror frame for this corner. 

This fun eco product is $19.99 from T. J. Mexx.

I think the eco recycled newspaper mirror frame goes well with the etching strawberry silver frame.

Love the intricate silver threading bundled over the recycled paper. 

Thinking of revamps for your h…

Adventure through the Kitchen!

This Kelly Moore's "Peeled Pistachio" color totally upset my appetite... with the first attempt. 

Finally the color I want for the kitchen soffit. 

Yes, I definitely agree with my contractor that green is the toughest color to paint for any home. So I start looking for inspiration from our counter top, kitchen appliances, home decoration,.. and then I found HONEY. Oh, no, I mean, the sticker on top of the honey jar which is exactly the green color I dreamed for my kitchen. I think we nailed it!! What do you say?!!

We had to custom mix this green color from Home depo. The color come out very close but it gets darken a little after we painted it on the soffit. 

Another inspiration of green color. 

As oppose to kitchen's big white cabinet, the family room has one wall of strong "Dior Gray" paint from Benjamin Moore. 
My little blog reader, Anna, who joked that since this "Dior Gray" sounded so couture, why not name the neon green "Balenciaga Green&quo…


Are you dizzy by looking at those colors and layering on me? 
No, you shouldn't. And you knew that those mix-n'-not-so-match style permeates you every season is an omnipresent current trend. 

Now, pull yourself together coz if you don't, you won't be able to maximize the way you dress your past season clothes. Ah..... Sometimes, complication is the solution. { I know, we still want new things every season... and that's why you should buy COLORS and stock them in your wardrobe.}
I am basically a GREENIE for clothes, I buy, I recycle, I reuse, I gift my clothes to my friends and ultimately, I magically work everything remaining in my wardrobe into my daily ensemble. 
Marni gold dress (detail at the back of this dress here), Neil Barrett black pleated sheer tunic, Marni pink cropped pants, Proenza Schouler large satchel, Elfi Altendorfer safety pin large bracelet and purple stone necklace, Vintage flower brooch, Jill Sander cut-out platform ankle-strap heels, Barton Perre…

Fashion Emergency: Lust & Must!

You know what we lust for and you know what we dig in instantly whenever there is a good steal!! The bottom line is identify your style and cultivate your taste. You can't possibly show-case your jewelry collection in one ensemble so you might just be selective with your add-on bling bling!! 

Must- Personal style!!

My friend, Pei, who doesn't need much fancy jewelry to upgrade her look nor show off her expensive assets with her outfit. {But that doesn't mean she didn't own or covet more heirloom jewelry.}  I am telling you, she got taste and she got keen eyes of finding deals and hidden treasures. Often I see her, I am impressed with her little-money-find but big style looks. 

Pei's La Garçonne style 
(Ensemble mostly bought from LF store (click it) in San Francisco)  On her: White tank, grid cut-out cropped top, cropped pants, white loafer with holes and lots of baubles and bracelets!  

Pei's look of Casual Feminine. 

see through roses blouse, black tank, GAP burgund…

Fashion Emergency: Neon Colors.

If you still don't own any bright colors or anything neon, I suggest you venture out A.S.A.P. to grab one or a ton. You have a lot of selections and you just have to be brave!! Doesn't matter if they even glow in the dark,{Of course they won't!} as long as neon green, neon yellow or whatever all the primary colors you can find, they make perfect contrast on your ordinary outfit. 

Marni gold dress, Lactos vintage boy friend neon green cardigan (bought at Urban, J Crew skinny pink belt, Alaia laser-cut red tote 2011, Polka dot color-blocking socks, Castaner metallic silver wedge oxford 

We all need a giant and functional tote, don't we!! 

Create your up-to-date Vintage look.  xoxo Rachel 

Outsmart Your Wardrobe!

Outsmart your wardrobe, such as utilizing the details of your clothes as a brilliant accessory would make your ensemble not just fun but versatile. 
Those two runway looks are seen from Emporio Armani's 2011 fall looks. The black ensemble never looks such utility yet sexy without those interesting accessories. The cap, the saddle belt, the leather gloves, and the high-collar details perfectly balance an otherwise so body-hugging, black widow suiting look. {If you take off those accessories, it won't be so intriguing on the runway at all.}

(pic. taken from
My Outfit Du Jour  Taiwanese designer "Chu'" metallic silver/black halter dress, Madewell cobalt tee, Tsumori Chisato cat dot harem pants, J Crew earrings, Prada s/s 2011 tortoise sunglasses, Chanel 08' metallic silver 227 reissue, Chloe 08' taupe boots, Pashmina stripes scarf 

The two pockets on metallic silver/black dress serves as a saddle-belt look.  {I kind of liking the idea of the utility o…

Newest Fashion Elements!!

Didn't I say as long as there are fashion elements seen in your outfit, you are the most fashion-forward fashionista. It doesn't have to be the most notable brands or the hottest runway items, a pair of past season boots from Europe or a pair of Anthropologie sweatpants could make your outfit ROAR~~~

Emporio Armani 11' F/W It seems we are going to look like we are on our way to riding all the time!! {Try tuck in your loose fit pants, but not fitted leggings inside your tall boots for the hottest look tis' fall!! ^O^}

My Outfit Du Jour
I love the extra sophisticated look with the burgundy red hat and the little polka dots mixed with stripes scarf on me!!! {Both Emporio Armani}

Yu wore her Emporio runway add-on sleeves on her summer dress, instantly, the whole outfit now validates her past-season look into a perfect new fall ensemble. {LOVE IT~]
{Shoes, Givenchy past season.  The strap didn't properly buckled and you can see the complete look from my previous post.}

Nay, I …

Fall's Most Elegant Coats!

The trench coat is always a classic go-to piece in the fall. They are long, thin and fitted in a comfortable way. They perfectly elongate a person's posture and this fall it gets even better. We see many newly innovated coats with interesting lining inside or cropped furry coat look in the partial exterior on runway. {Oh, technically I didn't see them ON RUNWAY per se! It's not that I'd leave my kids to my husband and just fly wherever to pursue my personal lust of seeing runway show up-front, no, I wouldn't do that. So I always watch YouTube or maybe so-called the-second-hand information of runway brochure to keep up with the newest fashion around the world.}

The oversized collar in this one is as pretty as a flower.
Red is omnipresent this fall! 

(Above look all from Akris fall 2011)
If you'd like a more friendly price and similar coat like this one, here is the link

Now, let's go shopping with me in the SF city~~~

This Alpaca wool felt coat is from Marni 20…