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16 September, 2011

Last Piece of Missoni for Target of Woman Collection.

Yes, I bought one in size XL cardigan from girl's collection. {maybe I will wear it on the weekends) Since I also bought one for my older daughter and we two can wear an exact identical look.... since I didn't score the white/zigzag cardi. from woman's collection and I really like this lighter version of zigzag, oh, well, ... since I can fit in just fine. ^^

Yes, finally come down to this last piece of frenzy zigzag Missoni for Target mini skirt!!

For some reason those zigzag/lightening pattern made me want to put on something pointed on myself {not teeth nor horns, since Halloween is still far.}... thus, Melissa suede gray curved platform heels!!!!

Etoile Isabel marant one shoulder blouse, Max & Co. light cream leather biker jacket, Missoni for Target mini skirt, neon yellow tights, Melissa gray curve platform heels, Alaia 11' laser-cut red tote, wool wrapped loop earrings, Prada limited edition 11' s/s tortoise sunglasses 

I feel like putting on pin stripped blazer vest or wearing horizontal stripped sweatshirt but instead, I think this busy one shoulder blouse and leather jacket should be loud enough but co-exist with my bottom half without killing the fun of it!!!! 

Have a nice weekend yo'al!!!
xoxo Rachel 


L.T. said...

I wish there was a Target around here! You're lucky you got some Missoni. I heard a lot of pieces sold out really quickly, only to be sold on ebay.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Elle, I know.... I think that's why some people grabbed as many things as they can to sell the stuff on ebay.. to wherever they don't have Target. ^^

Oh, well, those clothes are nice but they aren't the real thing...the touch is not even come closer!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the bold colors and these tights are amazing! Such yummy yellow hue!

litlstrawberry said...

Yeah, bright color rocks in fall too!!

xo Rachel


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