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26 September, 2011

Outsmart Your Wardrobe!

Outsmart your wardrobe, such as utilizing the details of your clothes as a brilliant accessory would make your ensemble not just fun but versatile. 

Those two runway looks are seen from Emporio Armani's 2011 fall looks. The black ensemble never looks such utility yet sexy without those interesting accessories. The cap, the saddle belt, the leather gloves, and the high-collar details perfectly balance an otherwise so body-hugging, black widow suiting look. {If you take off those accessories, it won't be so intriguing on the runway at all.}

(pic. taken from

My Outfit Du Jour 
Taiwanese designer "Chu'" metallic silver/black halter dress, Madewell cobalt tee, Tsumori Chisato cat dot harem pants, J Crew earrings, Prada s/s 2011 tortoise sunglasses, Chanel 08' metallic silver 227 reissue, Chloe 08' taupe boots, Pashmina stripes scarf 

The two pockets on metallic silver/black dress serves as a saddle-belt look.  {I kind of liking the idea of the utility of more than just a dress being layered underneath.} 

The cooler the weather gets, the happier I am.... Now all I wish for is "Chill out, Mr. weather!!/"... ^O^

Gone Stripes/zigzag crazy!!

Have a good Monday.
xoxo Rachel 


Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

I love your Chloe boots. The color is very similar to Hermes' Etoupe which I'm obsessed with. I'm sure that the mid heel wedge makes the boots very comfy to walk in.

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Lily, yes, this year, Hermes came up new etoupe riding kelly boots. My friend and I were just up in SF to try it out. It is very flattering on HER.....

oh, my Chloe is not wedge just the angle of the pic. make they look like they are. ^O^.. However, they are low stacked heels so very comfortable for sure.

xo Rachel


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