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Unostentatious Elegance!

While my dad bravely takes charge of caring for my 3 kids, I can't be happier just to watch TV or movies at home. You know, {Ok, even you didn't know, but now you know.) there are over 100 channels including locals and oversea TV stations broadcasted in Taiwan everyday and you almost can find good eats and even activities to do 7/24 everywhere.
I was watching an old movie {Apparently, to me, it is like 10 years ago} the other day and saw this beautiful woman worn a pretty silver with glitter dress.  Instantly, the dress reminded me of my new one!!  Mine is designed by a promising Taiwanese designer, "CHU!!"  I thought to myself that I needed to go back to Elite to explore more Taiwanese designers and I think they needed to be recognized as lots of them are really talented in my mind's eye.
Fashion has history, so does textile silhouette!!  I adore the ideas of utilizing smart cuts and drapes without redundant embellishments on both dresses to achieve the quality of…

Mother Tongue - Mandarin!!

Yes, summer is the best time for kids to really focus on speaking/studying their original mother tongue!! For my kids, it is Mandarin!!
We couple friends signed kids up in Taipei Fuhsing Private School for its Chinese Summer camp, yesterday is their first day at school!! The big difference compares to the regular schedule? Like my friend, Isabel's son commented: There is no recess in between classes!!!!!!! lololololololol,.....Their schedule is really intense in 4 weeks but full of fun activities which is not just academic curriculum but swimming, field trip....etc.
I am sure they are learning a lot everyday and enjoy every min. of the challenges!! ^O^

A long time no see friend, Fiona!!
For me, it is def. more fun to do every activity with friends!!

{Thanks to Isabel who told me this educational summer camp so all of us can have a great time in Taipei too!!}

I still packed 4 pairs of shoes with me for this trip.... heels, espadrilles, flip flops and sneakers.  Well, I couldn't …

Less is More!!!

How can you not adore the details of that white shirt on Iven....almost like the woven braided pie top.... yum... yum...!!
 Givenchy sunburst sequined tank with veil 10' Opening Ceremony lace mesh leggings  s/s 11' Chanel garden black/white tweed reissue with mademoiselle lock s/s 11' Miu Miu studded platform 10' 
"Less is more, but 'less' better be totally decadent!!"             ---Raji Radhakrishnan
Summer heat hits its peak! xoxo Rachel

Live, Love, "EAT"!!

Let the day begins with a informative tour!!
No, in Taipei, I don't wear HEELS that much compares to living in USA.  It is just I walk too much that I don't want to ruin my precious heels. ^O^

Yesterday, every place we visited is delicate for children. They are the hope in the future after all. 

1st Stop!!

2nd Stop!!

National Taiwan Science Educational Center

3rd Stop!!
We made reservation at "味留.壽司.割烹【美味日本料理】“ Japanese restaurant in July as they are fully BOOKed for tonight's dinner already!  台北市士東路336號 電話:02-2836-8595 

4th Stop!! Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine:  The best fine Indian cuisine in Taipei!! 
{pic. credited to}

I love the spanish chicken the best... you really can taste the full aroma and texture from the dish. 

We totally wiped out after 9 PM.  But considering this is the 4th day after we arrived in Taipei, I think we are doing pretty awesome adjusting ourselves!! So does my hubby and 2 daughters in Indonesi…

In Good Hands!!

Hubby and 2 daughters flew to Indonesia to his hometown, Jakarta. Niel and I stay here in Taipei as he will start his Chinese School summer camp next Monday. There are so many activities you can sign kids up in the summer in Taiwan and you just have to know how/where to look for!! 

We are in a very good hand.  I have so many friends, and used-to-be coworkers who are voraciously signing up their kids for summer activities. I merely need to find things for them to be busy for by myself in Taipei. Here is a great link to some fun as well as educational activities: 聯合報系:聯合學苑 』 

Irene and I went to my fave. Korean style apparel store "a. fad" yesterday. We instantly become vivacious when we found ourselves some good deals and pretty stuff there. If you mention my name, you probably can receive 20% off from the store. ^O^ 

I never had that light washed denim shorts...EVER~~~ Now I do! {so happy!}

The dress is by a Taiwanese designer: CHU!

For some reason, this sexy …

Live, Love and Play!!

"Jet Lag" is the worst enemy for family traveling with young children. The kids can't understand why they are up whilst everyone else is sleeping and they also can't make themselves go back to sleep again neither. Parents, for instance, US, would be so devastated of wanting to go back to bed. We know that if we don't, we can't keep up the energy, and we might have a headache, or being super-hyper, either way, we know the whole day would probably be ruined that we couldn't enjoy a thing!! 

Well, it never is the case when the family travels back to their hometown where parents' parents can actually watch the kids, right?!! It does feel great when we know there is always someone we can count on, isn't it?

We are up and about since 5 AM this morning. My dad who charges the responsibility of taking care of my 3 kids since yesterday he picked us up in the airport at 6 AM. For him, it must be some kind of achievement, otherwise I couldn't think of the …

First Day Back at Hometown, Taipei!!

I think I might be the first one carrying Proenza Schouler big messenger bag in Taiwan?!! 
{ No? }
 Everything feels so familiar yet so different at the same time when walking on the street in Taipei!! Stores are different, people and neighbors are the same! Yes, I want to meet up with my old friends, used-to-be coworkers, relatives,......... everyone that I actually remembered

I am home!!!! ^O^

Enjoy every single bit of your life!
xoxo Rachel 


As a prelude to showing you our whole house's new hardwood flooring, I exclaimed the amazing hardwood stairs and modern chandelier, wall cones they look altogether in my house.

We are flying back to Taipei tomorrow evening and while we are gone, our house's renovation will continue and under my trustworthy contractor's supervision.  I premeditated the whole hardwood flooring and lightening fixture replacement since the day we moved in this house in 2006 and finally we did it!!

I love the modern shade over the chandelier which gives it a 
different vibe and kicks up a stat-of-the-art design. 

Both me and my contractor have to climb up to put up those glass chandelier by hand!

Here I'd love share my dearest friend's, Isabel, her family dinning area.
Isabel is a pure "minimalism" admirer, who loves Prada and simple, yet classic design. I particularly love the classic plastic chairs she picked which perfectly accentuate the coziness and warmth on the sisal r…

In Two Days....

We will be in Taipei in two days... my home town!! How exciting!!
The food, the street vendors, the people, the friends, and most important of all, my whole family!!!
We are crunching time to do house remodeling before and while we are gone. By end of tomorrow, I should have our Chandelier up on the ceiling. While we are gone, we decided to let our contractor keep working on replacing the whole house hardwood flooring. Some renovation needs my supervision but the replacement of hardwood flooring should be easy enough comparing to replace the stairs.
I heard that Taiwan is HOT, HOT, HOT these days. Lots of my friends here in USA are flying back at the same time and we know we are going to pack light, light, light!! And we are going to continue the fun we had over here and maybe even more while we meet in Taipei!! 

Y-3 08' runway red sheer maxi dress, Lilith sheer white dress (could be worn as jumpsuit while button up), Lavin leopard happy sac, Silver oxford espadrille

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