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27 June, 2011

Mother Tongue - Mandarin!!

Yes, summer is the best time for kids to really focus on speaking/studying their original mother tongue!! For my kids, it is Mandarin!!

We couple friends signed kids up in Taipei Fuhsing Private School for its Chinese Summer camp, yesterday is their first day at school!! The big difference compares to the regular schedule? Like my friend, Isabel's son commented: There is no recess in between classes!!!!!!! lololololololol,.....Their schedule is really intense in 4 weeks but full of fun activities which is not just academic curriculum but swimming, field trip....etc.

I am sure they are learning a lot everyday and enjoy every min. of the challenges!! ^O^


A long time no see friend, Fiona!!
For me, it is def. more fun to do every activity with friends!!

{Thanks to Isabel who told me this educational summer camp so all of us can have a great time in Taipei too!!}

I still packed 4 pairs of shoes with me for this trip.... heels, espadrilles, flip flops and sneakers. 
Well, I couldn't bare the thoughts of "I wish, I should have,.. .."..., can you!!? 

Enjoy summer!
xoxo Rachel

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