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22 June, 2011

Live, Love and Play!!

"Jet Lag" is the worst enemy for family traveling with young children. The kids can't understand why they are up whilst everyone else is sleeping and they also can't make themselves go back to sleep again neither. Parents, for instance, US, would be so devastated of wanting to go back to bed. We know that if we don't, we can't keep up the energy, and we might have a headache, or being super-hyper, either way, we know the whole day would probably be ruined that we couldn't enjoy a thing!! 

Well, it never is the case when the family travels back to their hometown where parents' parents can actually watch the kids, right?!! It does feel great when we know there is always someone we can count on, isn't it?

We are up and about since 5 AM this morning. My dad who charges the responsibility of taking care of my 3 kids since yesterday he picked us up in the airport at 6 AM. For him, it must be some kind of achievement, otherwise I couldn't think of the reason why I am so blessed that hubby and I can enjoy an undeniably joyous kids-free time. And because my Dad's help, 3 kids hardly have the problem of being jet-lagged!! 

At 7 AM, the whole crew were hunting for breakfast!! 

I really enjoy the early walk in a traditional market where you can buy the freshest poultry, and live shrimps. 

Above right, Shu Uemura fake lashes with crystal stars.
Below left, an accessory neon green glasses from "框"!

Eric and us went out for lunch while waiting for Irene to get her hair done!! You know, almost every girl I know would do their hair while they are back in Taiwan. It must be the preferable style, always advanced hair-cutting skill and newest hair curling technique that attract them. They'd be willing to sit in the hair salon for hours...yes, I mean from 2 to 6 or 8 hours straight just to make their hair looks perfect!! No kidding!! As for Me? Nay......, I have patience for everything else but hair!! lol 
"欣葉“...Taiwanese cuisine!!



Etoile Isabel Marant one-shouldered linen-cotton blended blouse, KERAIA (Taiwan brand) boyfriend jeans, Proenza Schouler large satchel, Chanel brooch, Marni horn necklace, San Diego straw hat, Valentino plush/lace bow flip flops

3 of us infused ourselves with a sense of tranquility, a Thai massage, in the afternoon at Villalike

Pamper yourself in the tranquil massage!
xoxo Rachel 

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