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Denim over Denim

Feels like summer, I know,  it is hard to believe NoCal. weather can be this friendly in April. After a trip down to Palm Spring, SoCal., I really miss the cooler breeze in NoCal. The breeze might be cruel to my legs but I certainly love it embracing my bare arms. I love  high-waisted jeans and this number from RedValentino never fails me. 
I was standing outside Sushirrito in Palo Alto and it was closed on Sundays. While I took pic. for my ODJ, there are several customers came in disappointment not knowing their business hours. I promised to myself that I have to try this restaurant in the next couple of days. Then there is the yummy pic. of Shrimp tempura and yellow tuna shusi-burrito. Give it a try if you are around! 
Marni bustier, RedValentino, Hermes horn necklace, earrings, Bottega Veneta bag, Fendi Kooky monster. 

My Style Icon in Fashion World : Taylor Tomasi-Hill!

First, I have to chit chat since it has been forever that I update my blogs!! Sorry, my global friends that I miss you very much too. (Does anyone even notice... that I am gone missing in action... :P ) 
Oh well, life is so dynamic that I have to make sure I am not behind in fashion, in yoga world, in acting, ...... in shopping.. lol..  You now what, I can do forearm press kickover now. I practice Yoga religiously and finally it all paid off... progress, y'all. Impressive??? Me too. I never know that I have that kind of strength and ability until my yoga teacher pointed out and had me trying it. Hooray~ At least I am having a progress in every little aspect in my life.
I probably will slowly update my blogs from what I had posted on my Instagram. So bare with me if you have seem them on Insta. but I assure you I will have something new too. 
Now back to business. Fashion idol, I don't think I ever mentioned about it. Since when I was little, I developed very slowly in turn of fin…