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Cannes and Monte Carlo, score big!!

We are now in Paris and I have tried to upload my pictures on Photobuket unsuccessfully the past couple of days thus the delay.  Today I decided to upload through Blogger itself. 

I have never bought these many Hermes in a very short period of time. Some of them are purchased per friend's request and rest are my loot. There are so many stories behind those treasure hunt but I can only share on FB.  Some photos of Hermes' bags are taken under SA's permission but even that I don't think it is appropriate to post them outrageously in public. 

This is what I can tel'ya about my haul. I bought myself a Suffre Kelly wallet, a small gold leather cards holder, a surprisingly reward of Bleu de Galice Kelly 35 CM. It is my lucky trip and SA's mercy that I now have a Kelly in my Hermes' collection. Both Suffre and Bleu de Calice are new colors of this year and they are just beyond gorgeous in my eyes. Ecstatic is the word I can describe my mood!!!!

I found this at Marsei…

Dress to fit in TIME- Balmain in Theatre Antique!

Today is the 3rd day we are in Southern France, and we visited Nimes, Avignon, Orange and Vaison-la-Romaine which has huge influence from Ancient Rome. The driving in southern France is not difficult and there are a lot traffic circles/roundabout with clear signs that even you miss a turn or a sign, you will be able to circle back to the right route. There is no exits off the highway, no ramps and barely traffic. We made through city from city just fine!! 

Starbucks is omnipresent even in southern France and I am grateful for it. Now I almost completely quit drinking coffee but occasionally when there is not so accessible with a simple cup of green tea latte, I'd take espresso instead. Besides, I need that energy shot to get me started as there is a stadium to conquer. lol... 

Isabel Marant sweater, Balmain vest, leggings, Missoni for Converse with custom hand embellished studs/cubics by Joey Found (, Hermes horn necklace, Venessa Bruno linen/sequins tote (a fashion so…

Everyday Hermes, everyday I look fly!!!

I wear my Hermes accessory everyday as I travel through France.  Not that I have a lot to share but you know my fashion motto: "As long as you live, be stylish." So, yes, I look fly!! 

This time I didn't carry huge and heavy jacket as I assume the weather won't be so brutal. And I was right. We experience the best weather we can imagine here in Southern France during this time of the year. We thought there is going to be rain for couple days but the weather treats us sure nicely that we will be able to walk around town as well as rent a car to visit cities near-by the next day. Wouldn't it be a shame if you go through your travel pictures and think you should have worn something more stylish? lol... 

J Crew red/black striped long sleeves tee, Theory black t-shirt, Max Mara S' quilted jacket, Hermes 2013 doll scarf, Hermes jypsiere 35cm, beaded black add-on collar, Hermes bangle, navy suede wedge, Philippe Ferrandis black/yellow cocktail ring 

Be Fly!
xoxo Rachel 

Paul - French bakery that rocks my tummy!!

Paul,  a chained bakery store that specializes in serving French products including breads, crêpes, sandwiches, macaroons, soups, cakes, pastries, coffee, wine, and beer. Now you can almost find it everywhere in France and International. 

Not only did I hooked myself on savoring those gigantic macaroons made from Paul, but also my hubby. He is never a fan of pastries, a typical Asian guy, but he loves those breads, pastry from Paul. As for me, I wouldn't say I am a connoisseur but my taste buds is very sensitive that I can tell what is exquisite out of ordinary!  Bon Appetite!! 

They are calling my names.... ^O^
I bought all 4 flavors that is available that morning. 

Chocolate brioche... now I am looking at this picture drooling and thinking of going back later for more tasty pastries. 

See how big the macaroon is at Paul?

Special designed Easter-egg shaped cake

Ready for more macaroons?
xoxo Rachel 

Happy Colors!

I just realized that not only do I decorate my house in bright orange and bright green in pair, but also on myself. How bold, right? They are happy colors and I am very consistent of loving them. ha~ 
Here is my kitchen adventure which I posted it a while ago and my smart layering when I travel this time to France! 

Green soffit add dimension and life to otherwise too white kitchen. 
Isabel Marant sweater, HM jumper, TSE wool wrap style dress, Hermes Jypsiere, Fedora hat, colorful scarf, Missoni for Converse cubic/studs sneakers custom by JoeyFound. 

See ya later~ 

Marseille, France, here I come!!

We are flying with BA to Marseille this afternoon around 5 PM. I did a Power Yoga this morning, packed and had my jet-setting outfit ready. I finally feel that I can take a break after a crazy filming at Sonoma County last week. I posted behind-the-scene pictures on my FB but if you want to grasp a little idea what we were filming about, you can check out "Complex" on FB. (hyperlink) And if you do, please show a little love and "Like" our page. Thank you.  I guarantee you will be wondering what am I doing with a purple wig in a military suit. Ha~~ 

As far as my jet-setting outfit is concerned, I think it is perfect.  Comfortable, soft, and wrinkle-proof. Ah, not that it won't wrinkle, it is just I wouldn't care if it wrinkled. Don't you think light scarf, a fedora and my one-of-a-kind Converse sneakers are uber chic already?!!! 

Last but not least, I promise that I will update my blog more often while I am in France so stay tuned!! Ciao~

xoxo Rachel 

The Union Jack Sweater!

A fun pattern can uplift your mood and put a smile on people.  My gf, Isabel and I, are both opt for a royal mood today! 

Have a fab. weekend. 

Me, in union jack pattern sweater. 

My dear friend, Isabel, in her union jack sweater and her own house. 

xoxo Rachel 

Denim for Every Spring!

Every spring, we see new interpretation of denim wear on runway show. It surely is refreshing after the heavy coat, wool and fur looks during winter. I love denim but I rarely wear jeans myself and maybe either I think jeans are informal or it's just I have way too many clothes .... lol..  

Speaking of the casualness of denim, guess everyone thinks denim the same way that even Michelin restaurants say jeans is a no-no look.  Regardless, I still wear denim from time to time and this season I laid my eyes on darker washed denim look from Miu Miu. The dark long denim coat or jacket suddenly looks so magnanimous over a skirt or a dress on  runway, I serious am in love with. 

Ha~ I am sure we girls won't be rejected if we worn the runway looks from Miu Miu to any Michelin restaurant. It is safe to say the looks is very proper.  ( Note: my girl friends are planning a trip to Napa Valley and there is this French restaurant: French Laundry, we are eager to try.)

Miu Miu runway 2013 

No d…