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02 March, 2013

Denim for Every Spring!

Every spring, we see new interpretation of denim wear on runway show. It surely is refreshing after the heavy coat, wool and fur looks during winter. I love denim but I rarely wear jeans myself and maybe either I think jeans are informal or it's just I have way too many clothes .... lol..  

Speaking of the casualness of denim, guess everyone thinks denim the same way that even Michelin restaurants say jeans is a no-no look.  Regardless, I still wear denim from time to time and this season I laid my eyes on darker washed denim look from Miu Miu. The dark long denim coat or jacket suddenly looks so magnanimous over a skirt or a dress on  runway, I serious am in love with. 

Ha~ I am sure we girls won't be rejected if we worn the runway looks from Miu Miu to any Michelin restaurant. It is safe to say the looks is very proper.  ( Note: my girl friends are planning a trip to Napa Valley and there is this French restaurant: French Laundry, we are eager to try.)  

 photo MiuMiuJean_zps0581b3b8.jpg
Miu Miu runway 2013 

 photo IMG_2536_zpsbc725518.jpg

 photo IMG_2563_zpsc6dad33b.jpg
No dark denim, a look-alike denim suit, I am content with the look. 

Have fun with your denim. 
xoxo Rachel  

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