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Yoga Retreat!

I will be down in Santa barbara for Yoga teacher training from 6/15-6/30. I am sure I will come back full of energy and be inspired in every way. 

Before my next post, hope you will have an enlightened summer as well. 


White Lotus 
xoxo Rachel

Pierre Hardy; A Colorful Classic!

Sandal in Suede is always a fun combination. I just adore Pierre Hardy's pick on colors for the sandals and who says you cannot pull off a look more than 3 or 4 colors!!! Let's have some color spinning fun~

Be bold, be stylish!
xoxo Rachel 

Black Geisha!

Model: Rachel Cheng
Makeup: Thy Dinh
Hair: Model's own Wig.
Wardrobe stylist: Elaine Wu / Falosophie
Photography: Faran Najafi
Behind the scenes video: Jimmy Gao Ko

Style: Bustier by Victorias Secret / Skirt by Alexander Wang

To view the Image on higher quality, please visit Photography, Faran Najafi website:

How do you like this Asian meets Western style look?
Have some fun. 
xoxo Rachel 

A Neutral Summer Outfit!

There are a lot of works needed to be done prior us moving in to the new house in Los Altos Hills. The kitchen countertop, the backsplash, the stairs, the hardwood floor, the custom wardrobe, and the guest powder room...etc.  The kitchen and the powder room is like our business card, they give the first impression to our guests who come in our house, so the looks and functionality are so important IMHO. 

My dear friend, Elfi, is currently working on this remodeling project with me.  Thank GOD that she is so resourceful that I will be able to trust her completely to do some purchases as well as to supervise the progress in our house. I will be at Santa Barbara for 2 weeks for Yoga teacher training and hopefully while I am done, my house is also ready to be moved in. 

As you can imagine there is stress whenever there is a house project. The schedule, the orders and the works, all progress needed to be coordinated well. Since Day 1 we bought the house in Los Altos Hills, hubby and I wake u…

Remodeling into Gray!

There are so many shades of gray and finally I decided MY gray on the fire place: Stormy Sky by Benjamin Moore.  As for those adjacent walls next to the fire place, I will also paint them in different gray alternatively. I fancy GRAY these days but definitely not in the GRAY mood. ha~  A picture I found from inspires me and I cannot wait for the contractor to demolish and to restore and to decorate my house in the next couple months. 

Pic. from 

Try painting one of the walls in your house gray?
xoxo Rachel