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The Transformation and the Givenchy!!

Ok, first of all, I don't know if this Givenchy New Deep V tote is actually being shipped to me or not!!!

WHY not?

The sales on is going crazy. They have entire handbags 25% off sale today and they can't speed up the process to update their stockist!!! So let's just keep my finger crossed!

I posted a petroleum (gray, green, slate) colored version way back in Feb. The pic. was taken from Barney's store but I can't beat this deal and the studs!! After Alexander W. Rocco studs bag, I seem love a gladiator style a whole new another way.....the studs!! ha~

Do you guys remember this ZARA striped blazer from last year? I love the blazer but I gave it a new look now!!

The old look #1 styled w/ Elisabeth and James tuxedo vest!

The old look #2 styled w/ tee n' jeans.

My ODJ. 
1. Top: Wilfred pale violet racer back tankMichael Angel digital print tankFor Joseph slate/gray leather vest2. Bottom: y-3 gray leggings w/ 3 signature stripes at calves 4. Accessory: Y-3 bl…

My Gals' Style, layered, striped,....... all trec chic!!

Today, we all gathered at Cathy's place to cook my signature dish... Beef Noodle Soup. After done cooking, we waited at least 4 hours for the beef to be tendered enough to melt in our mouth......... WHY does it take so long????

Normally, it takes only 1 1/2 hour to 2 hr. but since the pot we used in Cathy's place is not a very good one, we snacked our way to be full during the whole lunch time!!! haha........ So, if you ask me about is it worth to invest a good cooking POT, I'd say, SURE!!! It saves your time and money....the GAS!! :)

Anyway, I am still trying to upload the video to FB but it seems taking forever!! If you want to know my recipe for beef noodle soup, you probably have to go to FB then.

However, nothing is more fun than seeing my gals' creative outfits, right!!! Here we go!

ME, arrival style!!!!

I am pretty good at wearing heels and standing w/ one foot. hah~

1. Top: some crochet tank dress w/ trim Rubbish taupe cardigan some wool taupe vest 2. Bottom:  PH8 pink…

Sheer and Crab!!

No, they are not related to each other at all!

Aren't these Ted Baker little coin purse w/ snap-closure cute or what!!

This is the little CRAB I was talking about! A cooked one! ^O^

I never thought a sheered dress/cover-up could make this military look so macho yet fun at the same time.  Those sheered dresses/cover-ups are so versatile.  I had a red sheered dress from Y-3 runway, but I always wanted one w/ buttons all the way down like this. :)............... I am blathering here..... hah.........

I personally think a sheered something or even a veil kind accessory can be a wardrobe essential if you know how to style them!! pic. source 裝苑
My ODJ. Here I piled up 4 necklaces, vintage silver chain, Fallon spike necklace, mini brass disc (Anthro.) and Flying Lizard Design turquoise.

1. Top:  Lilith polk dot sheered dressVince box-shaped shirt2. Bottom: Dolce Vita jeans legging w/ holes 3. Accessory:  above. Chanel 08' large Rodeo Drive tote in perforated style 4. Shoes: 09' fall Proenza …

Bunch of Stuff~~ LBD, and a CopyCat!!

Last Friday, I was going through my daughters' picture and amazed how resemble two sisters can be at certain age.  In retrospect, I forgot how does Abby look when she is at 2-year-old and those family pictures always reminds me to revel in the luxury of being w/ them as long as I can. :)
Then, Ilona 7 months old. 

Now, Ilona 2 1/2 years old. 

Then, Abby 2 years old!! 

............. Last Friday!! 4/23/2010 
A Copycat!! A GOOD ONE!! ^O^

The debut of Mission platform espadrille!!
pic. resource, Nylon!

We were at Border's book store and found out they are promoting the series book of Fancy Nancy. Thus, this booklet and pencil are given-away for free.
Moms, go grab one for your little princess!!

My little sunshine!!
Do you know how many Little Black Dress you have when it is meant to be a wardrobe staple? 

As far as the color is concerned, I have at least 7 LBD if not strictly excludes black sheath, cocktail dress and my DVF black shirt dress in my closet. I think they do come handy when I…

Gingham + Lace, PLUS, FUN Make-up!

PS. I'd love to share my beef noodle soup recipe to you all but I have to warn you .... I eyeball the measurement of every condiment and adjust them to the perfect taste according to my tongue. ^O^ Maybe I should ask Betsy (our fellow reader/friend here)to come over someday and hold the iphone to shot me in the air. haha... 

Today, I did a make-up... I apply eyeshadow underneath the starting point of eyebrow and around the corner of nose too.

Left to right: Giorgio Armani pale blush, Bobbi brown taupe eyeshadow, Make up for ever purple.

My inspiration look comes from Barney's catalog.

pic. source Barney's catalog.

w/o flash.

w/ flash.

The Victoria style necklace is gifted from Cathy, who made for my birthday last year.  I couldn't think of any other necklace would go so well w/ this lace blouse!!! ^^

This tights has interesting texture. 

My ODJ. 
1. Top:  lilith gingham cover-up Lei lace blouse (Anthropologie)HM black cardi. w/ rushing shoulder details2. Accessory: Textured tig…

Hungry~~? Be My Guest!!!

Girls, please don't be shy to leave whatever comment in previous post to enter giveaway. They are all awesome gifts!! ^O^

Today, I went to WholeFoodsMarket for grocery shopping. I bought a KING salmon and the price is ..... just like a Royal family would spend on. It is $29.99/lb and the piece I bought is $41.06!! Geez~

*sigh* It is too embarrassing for me to say "I don't want it anymore."   

This was a pretty funny picture..... I'd hope the wind wasn't so strong!! :)
Anyway, as I said, food is something you can't be cheap!! Only if you Eat healthy and you will be healthy!! :) 

Then I spend my afternoon cooking my signature dish...beef noodle soup(牛肉麵)!!! Super yummy! ^O^

This is my supper after done Power yoga and TRX this evening!! I'd treat you a bowl if you are around!! :) 

This Chanel 02' vest is my recent Vintage find! ^O^

1. Top:  white shirtblack tuxedo vest Chanel 02' Vintage camellia/polka dot vestwhite cropped jacket 2. Bottom:  bla…