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09 April, 2010

Stay Hunger ---- In Fashion!!

The more I am into fashion, the deeper I dig into different background of designers and their signature style in the business. 

Here is ONE of MY new fav. designer. Karen Walker!! 
I love the busy pattern and super energetic style of her work.







This pattern also features on NYLON magazine.

Pic. from NYLON mag. 11th anniversary special. 


 My ODJ. 

1. Top:
  • TART shirt
  • American Vintage shirt
  • ZARA waist coat w/ belt
2. Bottom: 
  • Max & Co. capri
  • kristenseN du nord black translucent leggings
3. Accessory:
  • tassel w/ pearls multiple chains necklace
  • J Crew clear rhinestone double chain necklace
  • A. Wang duffel bag 
  • Military hat
4. Shoes: Diesel black gladiator heels



The kristenseN du nord black sheer legging is loose and translucent .... almost the same feel as brown loosely cotton leggings that Cathy gave to me. :)

Have a good Friday night!!! :P 
xoxo Rachel


amelie said...

great info - lovely pattern for spring & summer! Have a great vacation!!!

PS. your little girl is cute:)

susanh98 said...

Oh this designer has very very cute things. I like all the pictures you posted. Thanks for the eye candy. Your outfit is cool love the hat! Your daughter is totally taking after her mommy ;) she will be a super model in no time.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Amelie.

Yes, I wish I have bought her piece before my Hawaii I can rock it in Maui. hah... Too late..maybe after I am back then!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan: how are you? Going anywhere w/ your daughter during spring break?

I am planning going back to Taipei trip after this but the tickets are so so so expensive!!! :(

Have a fun weekend!!

Cristina said...

Hi Rachel, love your new outfit, especially your necklace.
Leggins under capri pants? Uhmmmm... I'll have to try that ;o)
Have a great time in Hawaii.

Ps. Your little princess is such a cutie ^.^

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Cristina. I use those necklaces for making my stranded necklace in couple months ago. (I had a post about stranded necklace). Now I separated them to wear individually now.
Ah, Abby is so cute and we all lover her cute/funny faces now. haha..

Yes, we are packing .... tomorrow we have to wake up around 5 AM...... geez...

oh, the leggings over capri is fun and a cool looking, you def. give it a try.... warmer for chill day.

MadsaboutU said...

Ahhh my favorite casual tops are from Tart and American Vintage...they have the best fabric. You look so cool in this outfit, the layering works together. I don't thin I have ever tried leggings under capris, maybe skirts or shorts, but this a new style, love it!

Abigail said...

You did well with the layering! That's not easy!


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