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16 April, 2010

Back From Maui!!



........... Ah, definitely will go back again ......

The panoramic view from the hotel room.

The whale watching~~

The sunset!!

The Hawaii Hula cake at Kimo restaurant!!

The Luau show at Westin Hotel. 

The pupus (appetizer) served during the show.... :P

Dinner at Banyan tree restaurant when staying at Ritz Carlton.

The clear sky after rain!

An evening walking on Front st. after Yoga and Pilate reformer!!

Go bare!! (almost) :P 

Finally, packed light of ME!! 
(yes, I am very surprised that I didn't dress up at all in Maui!!!! ^O^)....ok, only a little bit. Just because I brought my YSL tribute heels!!!

..... Memory stays....... 
Thanks to fellow blogger/friends for such wonderful advices so I can make this family trip a wonderful experience!!
Love you all!!~~~

Ah~~ It is great to be back HOME!!

See you tomorrow!! xoxo Rachel


Purse Addict said...

oh my that...sneakers on Rachel?!?!??!? LOL

Beautiful pictures <3

Betsy C. said...

Welcome back! I'm glad that you and the family enjoyed your trip! I'm having a chuckle with Purse Addict's comment cuz it *is* very rare to see you in sneakers. :D

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy:
How are you?
I have to thank you million times for such a great advice on this trip.

We should go out a lunch sometime...BY THE END OF THIS YEAR..yes, I make it less stressful for us since it is just so hard to schedule a DATE w/ friends these days!!!...hah... (how about lunch at that Brazilian style BBQ in Palo Alto?)

hee.... yes, I know, I normally don't wear sneakers OUTSIDE the GYM, let alone walking on the STREET!! Well, Converse is different story, it is a kick-back style in trend!! :)

Oh, I want to give you back the book too!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Welcome back home, Rachel!!! The whale watching sounds really cool, it looks like the trip was such a cool expirience in general and teh weather seemed to be perfect - all those blue skies and waters, sunsets and the rainbow, wow! And I just ADORE your "bare" look - so chic!

MadsaboutU said...

love the pictures, reminded me of my Maui trip, so much fun! You look great looking so relaxed and just chillin' at the beach. Did you get a nice tan? :)

Mother of Style said...

OH,what a fun trip! I too had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't imagining tennis shoes :0 They look cute on you still. You can do no wrong!!

Cristina said...

Hi Rachel, welcome back.
Seems you and your family had a great time in Maui (well, who wouldn't in such a beautiful place! Lol)
I think a vacation like that would make it difficult to back home to the "real life", but you're right: the memories that gives you, that will stay for you forever, definitely worth it.
And what a luck to be able to give your children this kind of experiences as well.

Michelle said...

Great pics Rachel! I didn't know that we can still catch the whales in late April! May I know how long did you stay in Maui?

I usually go to Maui in October and stay at the Wailea area.

After looking at your pics, I miss Maui now!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: thanks.
I think the whale season is from Nov. to May..(we are lucky to catch the last couple whale mom and baby I think...haha...)

Oh, we only stay there for 5 days and realized that if we want to visit Big Island next time, we'd stay longer in Hawaii. :) Next time, I am going to visit Highway Hana and see some panoramic waterfalls for sure. ^O^

It is indeed a great getaway during winter time.


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