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Coastal Living, MY style!!

Today, Cathy and I went to Half Moon Bay. 

Yes, we hang out together quite often these days.  Even strangers we encountered starting to ask if we are sisters....

Not long ago, it is Yu!! People ask if Yu and I are sisters. (My pleasure, Yu. ^O^ To be your sister-alike.)

Yu and I, we see the same Dentist. Yu told me that there is one time even the nurse in the dental office start wondering how much we two ensemble each other!! She doesn't know Yu and I are good friends back then!!! ha~~ I guess it is probably we look alike, dress alike and almost have the same hair-style right now!!! :) 

.........Funny, we always say that a married couples has a look-alike face, close friends also does. I wonder how much my look has been changing the past 15 years since my1st close friend in high 
school!!! haha.......

 It is very windy there.

There is a restaurant : Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay which is pretty well-know for their hand-made bread, pizza and pasta. 


I must be too hungry that I didn't realize I should take picture of this seared scallops salad before I dig in. :P 
Pardon me!! 
 (The passion-fruit salad dressing is the highlight of this yummy salad!!)
Thanks Cathy for reminding me to wear a pair of socks/leggings today.. otherwise, I will be freeze to death. 
I know, you already observed that I wear all seasons clothes all year around!! hahaha... 
I was inspired by the sea today.


1. Top:
  • Splendid striped shirt
  • Burberry baby blue trench coat 05'
2. Bottom:
Liquid black shorts
3. Accessory:
  • Anthropologie brass mini disc necklace
  • black leg warmer
  • Flying lizard necklace
  • Chanel 09' matte white distressed reissue
4. Shoes: 
navy striped w/ gold stud sold flat 

Cathy had a very lovely owl leggings on today... from Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!
This picture got my DH's attention...he thought we went to the real beach w/ that painting in the back ground.... haha.... 

I found this restaurant's business card today which is located in Italy.... hum...that's a SIGN, we should visit Italy this summer!!! hehehe...

.... The END ..... 

This is yesterday...
My gal friends had a medi-peidcure date in the evening. They are so sweet that they start giving me tons of suggestions of where to dine, shop, what to wear in Hawaii. They even think I should bring two bathing suits w/ me just to make my pictures fancy!!! hahaha..  

So I fell for it.  I bought a bathing suit yesterday from BCBG that Yu thinks they look great on me. Hopefully I will look good both in the bathing suit and w/ bathing suit in the picture in Hawaii!! ha~

Oh, well, what's the point, I am going w/ DH n' the kids. haha...~


DVF wool black dress (Vintage, past season)
Christian Louboutin suede fringe peep toe heels
Chanel multiple sized pearl w/ rhinestone necklace 08' 
Chunky silver metal chain necklace (Vintage)

Hope you all have some fun, tomorrow!!!!
xoxo Rachel


Cristina said…
Hi Rachel, I love your baby blue coat. It's a great color and the lenght is just perfect (not too long, nor too short!).
Have a great trip to Hawaii, lucky you! ^__^

Ps. Here another sign: I'm from Italy and you and your family would be very welcome to visit Milan! ;oP
This really does look like a real beach! Great backdrop, so realistic :) Adorable baby blue coat and what cool marine inspired shoes! I'm not into small heeled or flat shoes but I totally love those cuties on you! Timeless classic and so in right now :) And the very last picture is just too precious, what a little doll your daughter is!!

P.S. Funny that you mention how good friends or close couples start looking alike... So true! I've just been thinking about it lately too. Could it be that people subcounciously choose those who resemble them in appearance in some way too? I remember with one of my exes someone once told me we had a very similar face shape and it made us look very good together. Not something you would expect to hear considering we're of different nationalities lol Oh and btw! I kept forgetting to tell you! Thank you so much for the support a while back when I was getting my blues!! xoxo Have a great weekend!
LS said…
The colour of your trench is so pretty! It's different, but I love the softness of the colour.
Haha, it's funny how your DH thought you guys actually went to the beach in the picture that you took in front of the painting.

Also, when are you going to Hawaii? Sounds like a lot of fun!!
susanh98 said…
brrr...looks windy over there and cold. Good thing you were wearing leg warmers. Very nice outfit and i really like your trench. However, I LOVE that DVF dress. You look so fancy and sophisticated :) Must be because of the CHANEL necklace. ;)
litlstrawberry said…
haha.. Cristina:
It must be another sign... (oh, I am Virgo too.) I can't read the business card in Italian, would you please tell me which city it is then?

After Hawaii trip, I am planning hometown trip back to Taipei and then Italy!! I will ask your advice by then!! :)
Cristina said…
Ah a Virgo. You can always recognise a Virgo girl by her elegance and unique style, hehe! ;op
Here what the card says:
Restaurant called Le torri (the towers)
Piazza (Place) V. Veneto, 10
in Castiglione Falletto a town close to the city of Cuneo (region Piemonte, northern Italy)
Reservation is prefered
Closed on Tuesdays (the entire day) and on Wednesdays (closed only at lunch time).

Here is a link to the town's website in English where you can get info and watch beautiful pictures of the site.
It really seems a cute place to visit.
Of course you can ask me advice whenever you like, I'd be glad to help.

Ps. Ah, I wish to visit Taiwan too! ^__^
litlstrawberry said…
haha... Thanks, Cristina. I am gladly accept that compliment and give the same to you!! :)

Wow, thanks for the interpretation. I definitely want to take a look at the website ..even we didn't visit there. I heard that everyone should pay a visit to Corso Como? Anyway, I have been Italy like 10 years ago and it is time to revisit!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Ls:
We are leaving for Hawaii on 4/11 and I should start planing some activities for kids....then spa for myself. :)

Hope you have fun on Easter, I don't know if I will take kids to do egg hunt this weekend. :P
Cristina said…
Yes, Corso Como is one of the streets of fashion in Milan. Via Montenapoleone, via della Spiga and via Manzoni are heaven too! And you'll want to go to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele too (don't worry, they are all pretty close!)...
There are so many things to see that when you plan the travel I'll better send you an e-mail!
MadsaboutU said…
Your legs look a mile long on the pic with the warmers. I don't know how I will ever pull off a high waisted short just like you did but I thought you looked fab in it. I too love leg warmers because my feet are the first to get cold easily, they are a must in this unpredictable weather!:)

Your DD in the pic with the tutu on is so adorable!

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