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19 April, 2010

The Perfect Print...... Floral Print Dress and Chanel Tattoo!!

Everyone loves some pretty print, especially this spring and summer. 


Those prints are pretty and bold!!
picture source from  裝苑.

Today I put on two things gifted from my friend, Irene. The Chanel tattoo and Shu Uemura fake lashes. 

I don't know if I should collect Chanel tattoo and save it or use them all.... but I think I am done having fun w/ them, I will save whatever left in my little jewelry box!! :) 
Those Chanel temporary tattoo is seductively sexy!!!
Love the idea of a tattooed ring.  


Irene doesn't know how to apply those tiny little fake lashes so she gives to me.
I guess I can teach her how to DIY some day!!

I had a little sun tan after Maui trip!! 
I only glue 4 little lashes to the end of my eyes...guess they are not very visible through the picture. 

Don't try to scant me on buying laced clothes.... I want more!! :P


1. Top: 
  • some floral print dress w/ lace trim
  • Fox fur vest 
2. Accessory:
  • BR ivory bead necklace
  • Anthropologies embroidery necklace w/ beads
  • Designer friend, Elfi's Africa white turquoise necklace
  • Brown cut-out thigh-high socks w/ ribbons (Birthday gift from Yu bought in Pairs.)
  • Chanel 09' beige medium/large classic flap
3. Shoes:
YSL iridescent taupe/brown tribute platform

This look is overly cheerily .... silly!!! ^O^

This YSL platform is well worth the money :P!!

Special announcement.... I will have a sponsored Giveaway soon!!
Stay tuned and have a good Tuesday!!
xoxo Rachel


janettaylor said...

SO adorable!

MadsaboutU said...

I drool over those cut out stockings...I am so into these stuff right now I am so envious of you wearing this!:0

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh do I love this outfit!! Very cute tattoo placement, so cheeky and flirty :) Love teh fur, the necklace, the printed tunic and just adore those over the knee socks! I've gone totally tights and sock crazy lately haha I believe I bought about 5 pairs of tights and about 7 pairs of various length knee socks and suspender tights this months... Plus, mom found her old tights she bought like 20 years ago and they fit me and they're in pretty good condition and they're sooooo beautiful - black with sparkly butterflies haha :) So I'm also wearing vintage tights now haha

Claudia said...

Hi Rachel-

You are looking amazing. Love your tan from Maui.
It's been a while since I visited here. I've been quite busy with studies, work and family.

I always enjoying coming here :)

A question about the clarisonic brush... I was planning to get it at Saks during FF event but the 20%off at skinterra is much better. May I now which one is the best? Or the one you are using? On the skinterra site they have several ones.

Thank you!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, Julia: funny that we all into socks, tights these days... I mean really INTO them. :)
I personally think Pairs has the best design and sexiest hosiery in the world...then Japan, they have fun and interesting, creative design, then it would be Korea to be the 3rd place.

You know, nothing is more exciting than a heirloom from family and passed to you. I wish I can see your mother's sounds very enchanting to me!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Claudia:
"Clarisonic PLUS Skin System with Spot Therapy" is the one I am using and I am pretty happy about it.

I don't use the body brush that much simply I like doing w/ hand scrubbing. I think if you get the basic face brush would be sufficient.

Claudia said...

Thanks, R. I'm debating between the clarisonic classic and Mia?.. decisions...decisions. Now, do you also recommend their cleasing products? Thanks again.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Claudia, I like their cleaning product but not as much as the foam/bubbly kind I am normally used to. I think theirs doesn't get foamed up that much but smells very light w/ cucumber scent,..... that I appreciate a lot once a while. I would say if you get one w/ body brush, they come w/ 3 travel size and you get to try it out! I know you will feel so cleaned and fresh w/ their cleaning gel.


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