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The Real Look of Michael Angel Digital Print Shirt/Dress!!

So I have piled on a lot of clothes over this Michael Angel dress shirt. Now is the time to appreciate its whole look up closer.

You know what's the problem of wearing a runway or designer clothes when there is some model or celebrity wearing it. 

Afraid of being compared......

That's right!! I hate that column in the magazine. But again, reading that provides a lot of entertainment to me, so never take it seriously. hah... 

Beauty comes differently in every eye, isn't it!!!!

Michael Angel spring 2010 collection 

Show time~~

My ODJ. 
1. Top: Michael Angel shirt dressLerario Beatriz WASHED WOOL VEST 2. Bottom: BJB leather-like leggings 3. Accessory: Designer friend, Elfi's 14K gold purple swarovski cluster necklace HOBO International faux snake skin clutch Erickson Beamon for Target clear cluster earrings
4. Shoes: Alexander McQueen square toe satin heels Sam Edelman taupe gladiator sandals

I love the peep-out look of hot pink …

Weekend Family Fun Time n' I Rock w/ Chanel Tattoo!!

It is very unusual for all of us family wearing sneakers at the same time. Today is an coincidence. 

Daffodil is almost finishing its blossom, right now is the time for tulips...and then Roses in the summer! (I don't know what's the name of this flower I took... :P)

Top: Y-3 white shirt, Splendid quarter sleeves stripes shirt Bottom: Mango tweed pants Accessory: Diesel white mesh suspenser Balenciaga violet part-time 08' Converse black n' pink ankle sneakers

So, another wardrobe essential is a nice white shirt. Any kind, ruffle, no collar, short sleeves or long sleeves or sleeveless..... get all of them!! ^O^ I think they count into ONE category within 10 wardrobe essentials. ha~

Let's onto Chanel tattoo!!

I have to make sure the pearl bracelet goes all around my arm. So there are 6 patterns I used here. 
Now you know how strong my arm is .... :P. (A bird (w/ that CC logo), single pearl, a long pearl string, two two-pearl strings, CC logo charm. )

Those Chanel tattoo are to…

Lace + Jeans = GORGEOUS...and Chanel Tattoo!!

This lace tube top certainly is a versatile piece in my wardrobe and I notice I can easily transfer my top to be a bottom or a bottom worn as a top.  
Here is the original look of this Earl Jean lace top.  
The new inspiration of today!!

I was playing w/ this HM lace jacket this morning and when I incidentally paired it w/ my lace tube top, they look like a skirt suit altogether.
Look 1. 

Look 2.
1. Top: Max & Co. jeans baby-doll dressH&M divided lace crop jacket 2. Bottom:  Earl Jean lace tube top as another layer of skirt 3. Accessory: Max Co. taupe floral beltJ Crew pale pink tightsChanel 09' pink camellia earrings w/ tear pearl dropChanel 09' beige medium/large classic flap  HM floral scarf 4. Shoes: 
Valentino patent taupe bow platform sling backMax Mara black clog Who says you can't combine two trends together....  Lace + Jeans = Gorgeous!! ^O^

NEXT~ Let's move onto Furniture!!

Circa 1890 Original look Victorian arm chair
Now...w/ new upholstery

It costs me ano…

Home Furnishing - Chandelier n' Apparel cover-up in Lace!!

Cellula Chandelier

Murano Chandelier

Fruit Melody Chandelier

Modern Mesh Chandelier  They probably serve different aesthetic pleasure in different room settings. Little by little I am redecorating our home. Tomorrow I will receive our OLD 
Victorian style chair which I took to re-upholstery and I was eagerly anticipated to
see its new look. Do you remember the Polka dot sheer dress I bought last week? From a 
French-Janese brand name: Lilith. Their style is somewhat like understated COMME des Garcons but is more colorful in its rich colors and varies textile.
Picture from Lilith. Best of all, they have tutu skirt too!!! ^O^

On Tuesday, I had a special mission from my cousin, Serena, who sent me a pic.of a laced cropped biker jacket from H&M. She told me that she luuuurrrves that jacket but couldn't locate one. There I offered to buy her one as a gift.
Of course, I am not just driving up to SF city for a jacket but also decided taking kids to the zoo. Meanwhile, we met up w/ DH n'…

See What Got Into Me? The RED!!

Weekend is for me to relax!!

I don't have to stick w/ the time for cooking 3 meals or 2 or even 1 meal. We eat whenever we feel like it!! ^O^ I have been feeling awfully listless the past couple days but I assume wearing RED is just a coincidence for me. The good thing is doing so, it puts jocund atmosphere to people around me!! :P

Well, I think RED suits me.....and I am going to love this new color for me!!

I don't know how many of you girls bought tutu skirt or wear tutu like I do?!!!!! It must look so special and cheerful to people when seeing a grown-up wear tutu skirt. ^O^


Splendid striped shirt, terracotta coat w/ bow at back, Betsy Johnson tutu skirt, Chanel cosmetic pins a set of 3, Chanel gray mary-jean flat w/ charms, J crew rhinestone necklace, Lilith Polka dot cotton bag (free gift)

Today, I decided to layer two sheered dress ...... of course, you wouldn't see anything that's not supposed to be seen. :P

I thought the Polka dot dress is so F…

Life Before Husband!!

I don't know why Cathy look so happy there... almost silly to me!! ^O^

Ha~ Nothing serious w/ that title. It supposes to be A day of a stay-home mom before her husband comes home! I never like routine, so if my friends ask me what I'd do tomorrow, I never really give them a plan!! Spontaneous is my thing!! ^O^

Stay-home moms' life in America is typically spending w/ friends, and kids (if not at school) during the day until husbands off from their work.

Being a Stay-home mom is not easy as we have to manage almost everything precisely. Driving between Kids' extra-curricular activities, or classes, meeting w/ friends, staying home for kid's nap or cleaning the house (like I don't have a house cleaning lady comes by regularly), surfing the Internet or watching a movie and of course, doing grocery shopping. In the afternoon, the schedule normally is cooking, feeding, and bathing kids, then ..... if you are a lucky wife, your husband would share some house chores af…