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02 March, 2010

Street Chic!!

Today I was out w/ my friends, Irene n' Melody at Santana Row. 

We 3 moms w/ kids would look like a troupe to you as we have total 8 If you ever see that many of children walking behind or ahead of 3 stylish moms on the street..... I think that's definitely us!! 

Then I stumble across 2 pretty young ladies sipping pearl milk tea who dressed very street chic, so I can't stop but ask for their pictures.  People in bay area are always considered conservative and I am so glad to see those young vibe w/ their distinguish style around!!

 Jessica n' Shirene (thanks to them for letting me share.)

I like their complete style from head to toe...the moderate make-ups, the accessories, the outfit n' the boots.
I really like the leggings on Jessica!! (from Urban Outfitter)

I am not so sure if everyone is into floral print that much..... the intriguing butterfly print is a perfect alternatives!!! (from Ted Baker)

We had a wired weather here....rain, sun shine, cloudy then sun shine again......

See you tomorrow!!!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I like Jessica and Shirene's outfits too - so laid back yet chic, so thanks for spotting them and sharing the pictures with us! I like this kind of butterfly print too

MadsaboutU said...

Same weather here...Urgh*

You have really stylish (mommy) friends and that's always good! somehow I try not to dress up so much when I go out with my friends with kids because I end up looking like I tried too much. But hey, I don't want to look like I didn't try to look nice at all! But it's sad how some moms thinks looking nice ends when you have kids. sigh*

litlstrawberry said...

yah, I like that very colorful butterfly very much as looking at the print makes me HAPPY!! :)

Today is the same old stinky weather..rain...rain...rain... grrr...


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