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05 March, 2010

Me, A lazy Day Vs. Busy Runway fall 2010!

Just when I said that I am not a minimalist in dressing-up, I am thrilled to see that this fall's runway certainly granted my wish!! 

All the gold color, busy layering, fur and animal prints which is almost always associated w/ GOLD almost take over the runway show!! 

(all image credited back

Rick Owen 

If I ever wore that kind of tights, my kids probably would ask me if I am a bat woman!! lol


Is this a bit too much...animal print w/ that big-shouldered silhouette? ^O^
What could possibly happen if a tamer dresses like that w/ a whip in hand? ........ :P

Dries Van Noten
Animal prints + men's wear........ hum.... Purr or Roar?!!

I like this better... animal print w/ pencil skirt ....... make it a woman's skirt suit instead!! ^O^

So I was a bit tired w/ dressing me up, Today is a time out for me!


1. Top: 
layered 2 tanks, purple underneath n' pinkish sakura print
bias cut 3/4 sleeve cardi.
taupe vest cardi.
2. Bottom: brown wool leggings
3. Accessory:
J Crew brass onyx necklace w/ rose gold fringe necklace
Chanel 08' 3 pink camellia in gold chain necklace
A. Wang duffel bag in Gray leather
4. Shoes:
Taupe Sam Edelman lace up flat

Ilona's modern Little Riding Hood look!! :)

Have a gossip Friday!!
xoxo Rachel


Elise said...

well I love your outfit ! The others are a smidge scary for me to actually wear out !!!

Have a lovely weekend

LS said...

I absolutely adore the first 4 looks from Balmain, especially the gold gold gold! I love how those 4 outfits are wearable on a daily basis yet still so fashionable.
Also , Ilona's little red riding hood look is too cute!

MadsaboutU said...

This is when you're not dressed up? lol. Do you ever have a bad day? :) You look amazing today! I am digging this entire ensemble.

You're little one is a darling!

Mother of Style said...

I like the sandals- Every fashionista needs to have a relaxed day- it looks like a great outfit!

Michael St. James said...

awww...Ilona looks so cute on her baby Piano!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, LS: yes, that Balmain look seems very sharp n' chic in every way. However, I think I am kind tired of the big-shouldered bodice look now. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mike, I like you constantly changing pic. of your avatar. That lady's hat is so cut...n' love the elegant n' mysterious look w/ the, it reminds me to find a new veiling for my Vintage hat. :)

litlstrawberry said...

he.. Mad Girl: (MadsaboutU) well, not literally say you are MAD all the time..but I kind like that short term for you... (hope you don't mind).

THanks, yes, I think taking a break from overly dressed-up is good for another looking fabulous day for me!!! ha~

MadsaboutU said...

You may call me Mads in blogger world for short. Actually it's a short nickname for my little girl since her name is Madison. The title also means "mads about u" but u may call me whatever u want! It's all good :)


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