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08 March, 2010

Gifts From Friends....... Priceless!!!

"Gift" - a thing given willingly to someone without payment!! Definition taken from

For me, being gifted is more of a caring/loving feeling showed from a friend. I love receiving gifts and I love to hear my friends say that they give/gift to me because they think I might like it!! How sweet!!

No matter how much the value is, I love the sentimental feeling of being understood, and being loved!! I would say I am not a minimalist of getting dressed, but I am definitely easy understood in personality......straightforward!!! 

Today, Cathy gave me one of her "un-loved" tights which she claims is way too long for her!! 

Happily accept the tights n' I must say I do love it for its rich brown and purple tones!! Especially it is also so stylish that there is a section of twilled cotton around the calves!! 

Oh, yes, Cathy, a legging freak!! Please don't stop buying leggings(of course, I accept not just leggings, you know!!!) so I would have endless "gifts" from you!!! ^O^
It seems that we didn't catch the twilled section at the bottom in camera. 

There is another wonderful thing that Cathy gifted to me....from Bailey44 (the black one like a poncho on me).  And yes, yet another un-loved stuff from her!! 
You can play w/ the braided tassel however you like it, leave it hang, or put them into the belt hole like I did. 

The hilarious thing is she never told me that it is actual a skirt until today...... We went out together n' told her that this "poncho" is from her like 2 years ago.  

Then, she was like.... huh?!! What??!! No!!!  But a minute later, she realized that "poncho" is a "skirt" but mistakenly by me wearing as a poncho!!!  ^O^
We then think it is such a versatile piece (yes, a wardrobe staple too)!! It can be wore as a skirt, a strapless dress n' a poncho!!! ^O^

Somehow I still love it better as a poncho! :)


1. Top: 
  • Y-3 gray 3/4 sleeves turtle neck
  • Wilfred lavender racer-tank top
  • Max & Co. taupe/brown/burgundy treated leather jacket
  • Bailey44 "skirt" as "poncho"
2. Bottom: brown/burgundy tone leggings
3. Shoes: 09' fall Proenza Schouler platform cap toe pump w/ wooden heels
4. Bag: A. Wang duffel bag in gray leather

Love my heels~~~~

Big kisses to my friends who gave/gifted to me ever n' to those who never gifted to me (probably I should gift to you first. :P)!!!

See you tomorrow. xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! I was going to post my ODJ too! LOL! I have a skirt worn as poncho like yours..and it's orange color w/ gold threads...hahaha! What a coincidence! I actually like yours worn as poncho more than skirt..hehe!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

"No matter how much the value is, I love the sentimental feeling of being understood, and being loved"

So true!! It's really the thought that matters the most :)

I really liek thsoe leggings, they look cool and it also looks like tehy're really comfy, cozy and warm! Love the skirt turned poncho too, when you wear it liek a poncho it looks very unique, so I like it better this way too :)

And oh... am I seeing a Jack Daniels bottle behind you in one of the pics? Funny how I really craved some that weekend but after raiding all of teh cupboars realized we didn't have any at home lol

janettaylor said...

I'm huge fan of leggings. :-)

litlstrawberry said...

ok, Julia: you can have rest of mine in that bottle..haha....
You know, the reason I bought it is for "drunken shrimp"..then occasionally I would sip ... straight up!! :)

MadsaboutU said...

You are hilarious!:) I love how you turn things around with clothes and still manage to laugh at yourself. It was a very fashionable mistake and I love it as a poncho more than a skirt.

I love tights too...i can't get over them at all.

Purse Addict said...

God, I love those shoes...

Schnappy said...

oh, so cool! I love your clothes! :)

Mona P said...

You are totally rocking the leggings and the skirt as a poncho! Love it!

susanh98 said...

would've never known that is a skirt! but it does look better as a poncho ;)love the tights too!

Haleigh said...

Hi Rachel! You, your pics, and your style, are just beyond AWESOME. Love you blog and so happy I found it!

Stop by my blog for a visit sometime for some inspiration.

xoxo Bardot in Blue


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