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This spring/summer is all about pants!!

Everyone must have more than couple different shapes, colors, cut, fabric...of pants to meet every occasion. I have a thing w/ blazers and jackets these days and I have a nostalgic feeling w/ my Homme Agnes' b metallic sheen pants too.

I had altered my Pierre Balmain jacket to a cropped one as skirt suit don't fit in my life style now. Also, this pair of pants is a normal cut of men's suit pants. I love the color and precised tailor look so I bought it. I only wear it like once every year and still cannot think of a reason to get rid of it!! Yes, only wear once a year is such a waste as I think I could wear it more often. I hate that I have clothes just sitting in my closet and I don't know how can I maximize wearing it. Therefore, I had it altered to be a cropped and 3/4 length cuffed slim pants. It looks alive on me again and I think I can wear it more than just once every season.

1. TOP:
Derek Lam cashmere camel tank topGucci ruffle round neck tank topPierre Balmain …

What's style??? What's a unique style that only suits you?

Today, I felt my brain is drained that I have no clue of what to wear. What kind of styles that I want myself present to be.

So I decided that I will just pick some pieces that they are individually pretty enough but I have never worked them together before. I didn't think too much about if their colors matches or not. Simply I want a style which makes people come they never thought about that ensemble would work!!!!

I know what I wear sometimes might not suit everyone's palate but everything I wear definitely makes myself feel sexy and confident!! I think everyone should find a personal style that only suits him or herself and being unique!! Especially, if you are looking for a job right now!! You have to dress to impress at the first sight!!

My Outfit Du Jour!!

1. TOP:
Max & Co. nude/peach ruffle long shirtBCBG beige w/ asymmetrical runway topDVF 2 buttons gray runway cardigan2. Skirt:MaxMara orange flower decor. w/ polka dot lining and ruffle at waist skirt

If Diamond is Woman's best friend, what's next??

If diamond is woman's best friend, what's the second place thing would be? Yes, guess it!!

It is simple, the answer is MIRROR!!

Today, our mirror is the largest mirror I found in Crate n' Barrel store. Its height is 90" tall. I know it is perfect for our family room and perfect for ME. Who would not want to see a full disclosure of his or her ensemble in the mirror before heading out everyday!! Everyone wants to look fabulous in their own standard. Right???

As in Fung Sui, we don't like corner as it has a sharp angle. This huge mirror is a perfect object on the perfect spot!!

Here is me w/ my Outfit Du Jour.

1. TOP:
Fornarina black wool w/ layered sleeves sweaterChanel 08 f/w red/gray tweed jacket2. Bottom: Agnes' b black skinny pants
3. Shoes: Betsy Johnson black w/ gold heel n' buckled heels
4. Bag: Chanel 08/09 cruise collection distressed white reissue 227

It is such a nice weather in south California

I am almost done decorating our family room. D…

Fur!!! Cruel or fabulous???

In Europe, fur is the most common staple you can see on every fabulous woman. I love animals just as much as I love fashion. I wouldn't want to see people kill animals just because of the demand of their skin or fur. I hope there is also something to do w/ the balance of ecologic system.The only fur vest I have on today is purchased in Paris last Nov. and absolutely love how the various fur colors on this fur vest.

Here is my ODJ!!

1. TOP: RUGBY plaid shirtet Vous fur vest2. Bottom: Tsesay slim ankle high waist pants
3. Shoes: Costume National blue oxford booties
4. Chanel Gray jumbo classic 08
5. Scarf: Vintage Oscar de la renta
6. Belt: Hermes ostrich w/ gold logo H buckle

The colors are so rich on me.

A pair of navy socks will complete the look and flatter the whole ensemble better.

Hi, that's my little princess.

Fashion Inspired by everything everyday!!

Yesterday, after we had lunch, we went to Borders book store. I, no doubt, browse through some fashion magazines while kids are reading their story books. Just amazed how fashion goes around and comes around after couple years. Therefore, I played w/ my Marc Jacob dress from the past season and figured a way to pull it off better w/ a up-to-date look.

Here Outfit du Jour is the inspiration I got. I wore my Marc Jacob dress as a high waist tulip skirt w/ its 2 strings which suppose to go around my torso as a haltered style dress. I hooked two ends together after wrapping them around my waist.

I felt like an old fashioned lady from the past century who wrapped cloth around the waist just so she can have a small waist!!!
Here are the details of my ODJ!!

1. TOP:

Hugo Boss plum colored turtleneck w/ tulip style shouldersGucci black tank topTed Baker white baby-doll style & extra high collar coat
2. Bottom: Marc Jacobs dress w/ feather decor.
3. black leggings
4. Shoes: Costum National navy/…