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28 January, 2009

Fur!!! Cruel or fabulous???

In Europe, fur is the most common staple you can see on every fabulous woman. I love animals just as much as I love fashion. I wouldn't want to see people kill animals just because of the demand of their skin or fur. I hope there is also something to do w/ the balance of ecologic system. The only fur vest I have on today is purchased in Paris last Nov. and absolutely love how the various fur colors on this fur vest.

Here is my ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • RUGBY plaid shirt
  • et Vous fur vest
2. Bottom: Tsesay slim ankle high waist pants
3. Shoes: Costume National
blue oxford booties
4. Chanel Gray jumbo classic 08
5. Scarf: Vintage Oscar de la renta
6. Belt: Hermes ostrich w/ gold logo H buckle

The colors are so rich on me.

A pair of navy socks will complete the look and flatter the whole ensemble better.

Hi, that's my little princess.


Betsy said...

Yay for a new blog competely devoted to you! Now I have to bookmark it just like I did with La Van's. I love the fur vest, but I do have my reservations with buying fur so far. I've contemplating buying faux fur for a while now, but still haven't gotten around to getting one that I like.

Anyway, you are our inspiration! Can't wait to see more.

Betsy (shoogrrl)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy:
Thanks for coming here to post the 1st comment!! Yes, now I follow La Van's blog just so I can drool over her Hermesssssss!! hehe..

Finding a fur coat/vest/ could be tricky as you really need to see the color of fur and even feel the quality of fur. I know for faux fur is even hard to come by a really good one as the quality really matters!! Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Hi Rachel!! Congrats again on your new blog!! I've bookmarked it already. Hey, tell u sth....I bought your DVF vest yesterday here in HK. I bought the camel/beige color. Hehehehehe. I think it's a nice quality piece for doing layerings. Thanks for the inspiration again!

Michelle said...

Oh...BTW....I'm Mia!!! Michelle is my real name.. LOL!! Just in case you're wondering who I am. Hehehhehe....

White Lily said...

I know it is politically incorrect but I love fur! Looks great on you!

La Vanguardia said...

I love the colors on this outfit!

litlstrawberry said...

Ah Ha~~~

Michelle: You know what I so want to get a beige of the same DVF vest too as mine is Medium which is a little big. What size you ordered and you must tell me how does it fit on you.

BTW, the name, Michelle suits you so well......yes, really!!! I don't know why but the name is so cute for you!!!

Hi, Lily:
haha..thank you for your sweet compliment!! I probably will be satisfied w/ that only fur for quite a while then. haha....

Hey, La Van:

I said, you are my master inspired me that it is time to have a blog for myself. Well, one of the reason is that mommy thread in TPF is getting too hot.....I mean a little trouble w/ talking TOO much stuff!! BUT now it is great that we get to talk as much as stuff we are interested here!!

Michelle said...

Hi Rachel,

Haha...thanks! I didn't know that my name suits me! LOL!!

For the camel DVF vest, I bought the large size coz it's the only size left in HK. Since my tummy is big, this size is ok for me at the waistline, but the holes of the sleeves is a little big. I think medium will fit me better. So, I think you should buy a small or XS for yourself as you're toooooo slim for a medium!! Camel color is very very nice too! Yummy yummy!

BTW, as of yesterday, shopbop has a small size available in camel and it's only US$67+!!! Go get it!!!! Quick quick!!

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Michelle:

YOu are really an know, if it weren't you, I wouldn't spend another $67.5 JUST NOW!! Guess we are vest twin again.

Oh, you know what, I think Medium will fit you just fine!! But you still can play w/ Large size as I think it is so sexy/fun to leave it just around the waist!!!


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