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30 January, 2009

What's style??? What's a unique style that only suits you?

Today, I felt my brain is drained that I have no clue of what to wear. What kind of styles that I want myself present to be.

So I decided that I will just pick some pieces that they are individually pretty enough but I have never worked them together before. I didn't think too much about if their colors matches or not. Simply I want a style which makes people come they never thought about that ensemble would work!!!!

I know what I wear sometimes might not suit everyone's palate but everything I wear definitely makes myself feel sexy and confident!! I think everyone should find a personal style that only suits him or herself and being unique!! Especially, if you are looking for a job right now!! You have to dress to impress at the first sight!!

My Outfit Du Jour!!

1. TOP:
  • Max & Co. nude/peach ruffle long shirt
  • BCBG beige w/ asymmetrical runway top
  • DVF 2 buttons gray runway cardigan
2. Skirt: MaxMara orange flower decor. w/ polka dot lining and ruffle at waist skirt
3. Belt: Patent brown skinny belt
4. Fuchsia beaded necklace used as bracelet
5. Brown hosiery
6. Chanel 08/09 cruise distressed white reissue 227
7. Shoes: Costume National blue ankle booties

If you can play w/ your clothes in a fun way, you will create a unique style that impress everyone

Once you challenge the traditional way of wearing your clothes, you will find your personal style soon

Yes, I know, it looks more fun wearing this fuchsia necklace as a bracelet

This DVF vest becomes so fun, it is my scarf, shrug and style staple around my waist


Michelle said...

R, love your outfit as usual!! I commented already at the mommy thread and I'm loving your Max & Co. top! The color is so soft and the style is just lovely. I would love to try wearing a belt with the vest, but I find it wearing belts high up the waist will make my big bum look even more gigantic. Hahaha. But you're totally rocking this look. Hey, it's really good that you bought the beige color DVF vest too!! When I find something I really really like and can use it for many times, I tend to buy more than 1 color of the same style. Hehehehhe. Looking forward to your next ensemble!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle:

I know, soft colors always transform a person to very friendly, easy-going one. You know, that DVF vest is very versatile but it is hard to figure out a way to wear it until I saw a video clip of its runway style. Now I cannot wait my beige DVF....

I think you can still belt the vest but not so tight around your about a little loose around hip?? Well, I know you will figure out a way of fun wearing it!!!


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