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ThanksGiving Holidays w/ Yu's Family!! (to be finished later)

Day 1 (11/26/09)
Get up at 5:30 AM and meet up w/ Yu's family at 6:00 AM. I brought total 3 dress w/ me. I just don't want the hassle of paring my clothes this trip.

Kids are all so excited and I can't believe they would be so awake that early. You know, they always make so loud noise in the car and I wish we had those sound-proof glass in between front seats and the back seats!!! ha~

Finally we got LA around 12:30 PM. This 85ºC bakery Cafe has the most delicious bread/bakery in Cal. (See the people lined up there. We were there 3 days and the place is always packed.)

DH also likes their pearl milk tea!!

Dinner at May Garden! (I think this restaurant is nice but not that extraordinary on setting and the whole environment.)

Very refreshing tomatoes salad!

This butter saute lobster dish is way too expensive IMO, even though they made noodles for an extra dish after you almost done w/ the lobster!

Not bad, but I'd think they gave us a "skinny" crab!! haha....

My 1st dress!!

Hugo Boss silver drape dress + Linda Loudermilk organic blazer w/ YSL runway booties 09'. 
Accessory: LV 06 black mini monogram wallet/clutch w/ big rose pin

I think the hair made my whole look fun! 

5 kids together is like a crowd in preschool!! lol
Back to Westin Hotel. 

It reminds us that we'll put up our Christmas after we got home!!
On Yu: Steve Madden golden heels (two seasons ago),  distressed leather jacket w/ puffy sleeves, black skirt w/ studs belt.

Silly us!! ^O^

The deal is not too bad for a junior suite $229 per night!

Extra room in between Yu and us is where we two family can hang out and play poker at night!

I forgot how to call this kind of a bed which hides on the wall...... not a futon!!

We'd be happy w/ two beds/a room but it really isn't enough for having 3 kids. You know, they roll all over the bed when they are asleep!! Beauty sleep is so important to me, I think a junior suite is a better option for us 5.  :)

Master room!

Day 2 (11/27/09)
 Shopping at SCP!! Nothing BIG scored as I don't think the sale is that attractive.....wait for Christmas!

Meet friends (Fiona n' Isabel) at SCP! 
Fiona: Lime 35CM Hermes Birkin; Isabel: white Chanl 226 w/ silver chain 

Yu and I were debating which color should we get?!!! Alexander Wang studs bag black n' gray 09'. 

Then we bought our first love: I got the gray one and Yu got the one w/ brass studs (last season's design) instead of silver studs for this year.   

We went to Luguna beach in the afternoon. You know, the tide flushed away my cute flip flops while I was enjoying the SAND!! lol. And all I can think of is tomorrow I am going to look funny w/ my slippers instead!! haha..

Day 3 (11/28/09) Disneyland!!

My 2nd dress!  
I forgot my make-ups at home and I had to borrow Yu's eyeliner, brown pencil,...and geez, I think the foundation is too much!! :P

Linda Loudermilk organza organic dress w/ ruffles at back.

I bought a pair of suede gray peep toe heels ($125) and another Helmut Lang leather jacket ($780 after sale) at Intermix yesterday.  I am so so so happy!! 
Since I already got compliments on Gray peep-toe heels in SCP, it's a pair of well worth the money heels!!

Of course I didn't wear heels to Disney land and I add a tank underneath to dress down for a casual look!!

 So, .... other than that pair of suede slippers, I don't have any other choice!! he.... 

I heard that members are blocked on Saturdays/Sundays so we think it would be less people in DisneyLand. I think it is not too bad in terms of the waiting time for all the rides. 

 You can't see the designs on Yu's tee but it looks like this!

Dinner at Manpuku which Isabel recommended!! I say 5 stars taste!! 

 After fireworks, they made fake(bubble) snows to look like snows coming from the sky!!

Day 4 (11/29/09)

My 3rd dress!

Costume National V back black dress w/ ruffles at side.

Beverly Hills. 

Yu is in front of Prada boutique.

On Yu: Alexander Wang skirt.

TO be continued.........(will fill in some photos in between)


Love the YSL shoes and Alexander Wang Coco Duffel!
little fish said…
aww you look absolutely gorgeous !love your new hair style too!!! always trendy, chic and energetic!!!
Betsy C. said…
Rachel - Great recap and pics of your trip with Yu! I have to say that your first outfit (silver dress and YSL heels) with the fun hairdo almost makes you look a bit "space-like." LOL. I don't know how to describe it better but it definitely has a fun space/modern vibe to it.

I'm so glad to finally 'see' Isabel! You all look gorgeous shopping at SCP together, I bet.

I'm a huge proponent of getting suites when we travel as well. It just makes things so much easier when kids have extra space to sleep/to play/to hang out instead of squeezing everyone in one room. Money well spent.

We just arrived in TPE yesterday and we're still resting and adjusting to the jet lag. Hopefully, in a few days, we can start hitting the streets and checking out the scene here in TPE. Sophie is already enjoying all the yummy snacks here.

Take care!
Welcome back R!! Very nice pictures indeed! Glad you enjoyed the trip to LA. I agree with Betsy, your first hairdo with the bottom of your hair curled up do look "space-like"'s like someone from the future in chinese movie "2046" starring Tony Leung (梁朝偉) and Faye Wang (王菲). :D Cute!

Oh, your DH looks different with glasses BTW! I thought he was someone else before reading what you wrote! LOL!

Congrats on your new buys! Love your gray peeptoe booties. Another leather jacket? Helmut Lang used to be my favorite brand for I can't even wear them anymore coz they are too small. Very nice simple chic stuff from Helmut Lang.

It's always cheerful to see the Christmas atmosphere from around the world. It's still hot in Hong Kong and I don't really feel the Xmas season yet. Hope it will be colder soon!

BTW, please tell Yu that her puffy sleeves leather jacket is really really nice. Love it!

Also, thanks very much for the size of your Givenchy wedge booties. I ordered a 40.5...not sure if it will be too big for me. How does it fit since it's pointy? Any advice?

Anyway, looking forward to more pictures. (Did I miss anything? Seems like I didn't see Isabel in the pix? :P)

Haha..sorry now I see Isabel's picture. :D I must be blind or sth.....:P Isabel is even prettier without the sunnies! :D

Also, hi to Betsy! (Wave) Enjoy your stay in Taipei! Take care!

isabel said…
Hi Rachel, it was nice seeing you here, and it seems like you guys had a blast! OK, I look very uptight in the picture, DH asked if I thought someone was going to rob me because I was clutching my purse so tight, hehe... Love your new leather jacket and shoes, they look fierce on you.

Oh, thx to Mia for your compliment. Speaking of which, I should go visit your blog now.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Mike. Thanks for the thumbs-up on the Alexander Wang "coco duffel"!
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, fish:
You know, it seems you have a big appetite from your post...all the good eats you posted but you are still so petite!! :)

Thanks, dear.
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, Betsy: just thought of you that it is about time that you travel back to Taiwan. My parents are coming tomorrow....just talked to them on the phone...and i am surprised that they are coming STILL. (THey have free tickets which would expire this Dec. and since they are lazy traveling this far, I thought they'd NOT come until we visit them next year.) Anyway.... I guess I should ask my mom to bring her classic JUMBO over so I can trade w/ her. haha...

hah...Isabel and I didn't have much time chat as we both have THINGs to do.... maybe next time when we are alone and we will hang out more!!

Yes, the suite!! That's a must for us. However, there is always one of my kids sleep w/ us in the same bed which really is disturbing since they do toss and turn a lot when asleep!!!! :(

Have a great time in Taiwan and buy "street" stuff as much as you like!! Oh, I found one tee which has the lace hem at bottom back and you might like!! HEre is the link:

It is a bit slouchy but I think if you get xs or s and it should be great to pair w/ another clothes inside or over it too!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hello, Mia: hah... I know, I also think the retro hair-do makes the silver dress very futuristic!! :)

The Givenchy booties would fit true to size if you have a narrow/regular feet which I think you do. But if you order half size bigger, I don't think it will be so loose as it is very pointed!! Maybe a shoe pad would help too even you do feel a bit loose!!
litlstrawberry said…
I know, Izy!! I guess you and Yu first meet in person so both of you are kinda uptight/shy...a bit!! heeh.....

I am on a diet to shed holiday lb. and ready for Power Yoga tomorrow morning!!! :)

OH, know, I will stick w/ my plan..only 226!!! ^O^
Anonymous said…
i miss you blog on my vacation. i am so so loving your new hair do, so energetic and sassy looking. i didnt score anything on my vacation. you rocked the ysl heels!
Alice said…
Looks like you and your crew had fun! I'm drooling over your fab dresses and shoes, like usual. Good choice on the sensible flats for Disney!
Julia said…
Hey Rachel,

nice score! that A.Wang bag with studs on bottom is seen on celebrities a lot. so you got the black one, right?

Oh that was Isabel in one of the pictures. she looked a little different from other pictures i saw on TPF. but prettier. i think people look much better in real picture, instead of mirror pictures. what you think?
You are beautiful!!! And you totally make being a mom look so fabulous and easy which I am more than sure is not always fabulous and easy lol

I really like that Alexander Wang too, have been into it for a while now, and I think you guys made the best choices - I like the one in black with the gold-ish studs so much more, but when it comes to silver-ish studs it's definitely the gray one. Congrats on the purchase! Oh, and the food looks yummy!
susanh98 said…
Hey R;
oh you guys went to irvine! I've gone several times to 85 C and every single time the line is all the way to the outside. You'd think they were giving out free stuff. hahaha. I love shopping in SCP too. I used to live in Irvine until I moved to SD. I still kept my place there so we go up to OC quite a bit on weekends to hang out with our friends and family. Is so nice to see familiar places on your pics. Anyway glad you had fun and can't wait to see pictures of your new buys. By the way all your outfits were so FIERCE. I'm loving the grey booties.
Fantastic post! Looks like you had a fabulous time... I love your new A.Wang bag and those new gray heels you got! Of course all your outfits are terrific as well... I couldn't even pick a favorite. Thankfully sales have not started here yet, or I'd be too tempted to spend all my money on stuff for me, instead of Christmas presents ;-)
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Catherine: so where did you guys go for the vacation??

I had so much FOOD in LA and I think I need a diet and intensive work-out plan to shed the extra lb...but again, holidays are just hard to resist the come-alone great FOOD!! :)
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Alice.

Buy as much toys/fun stuff/furry toys as you can!! :) Oh, the best part of being pregnant is to shop for the cutest things in the world!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia:

how are you, girl!!? What's your big score during the holidays so far?

hey, how could you not read that I got the gray one w/ shiny silver studs..... (Just kidding)? We were thinking the gray/lavender one would be great for spring time and since I want to get a BLACK Chanel reissue 226, I should keep the gray instead.

Oh, yes, it is always fun to meet new friends in person and become so close when getting OLD along the course!! hee.....
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, thanks-giving girl, Julia, I think I am grateful for whoever invent internet too. The WWW does make the whole world well-connected together and we get to see everything INSTANTLY!!!

Oh, thanks for the kind words. Are you going to score a black as well?? I don't know if it will go one sale after/during Christmas is any left!!!! I like the brass studs in black as well and I think it is just very chic and vintage look for keeping it a long time!!!!!! I love my gray one very much as I took it out and pet the studs underneath....oh, sounds kinda odd!! hah... But yes, I believe when you adore something that much, you just want to pet it and *awe* in excitment... hha...
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Susan:

Oh, I didn't know that you live in LA before you move to SD. Sure it is a heave to shop...but seriously, it is SOOOOO MUCH PEOPLE in LA. :P

85ºC is not that popular in Taiwan but I think it is one of the best bakery store in USA and that's why it is so popular. I like their milk tea is very consistent cause' I don't like being surprised every time I ordered the same thing but w/ different taste/sweetness!!!

Thanks... I will carry my A. Wang bag to SF city tomorrow and I will see if the outfit works!! heeh...oh, my, should i get the buckled lace-up boots from A. Wang as well??????!! hee... grrr...NOP, I don't think so!! :P
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Haute girl: Thanks.

So there is no sale going on at all in Paris during Christmas???? Hum... I know it is always a fantastic sale around Feb. and one of my friends is already schedule to score something there next year... hopefully I can ask her to find something from Sonia Rikyle for me. :)
True! With internet you get news instantly, no need to wait for a letter to arrive lol

Wish I could get the bag, but I don't think I'n going too... I live in Moscow and prices here are crazy, it's like if it costs 850$ there it will most prob cost 1700$ here, I hate paying twice the price like that :( So maybe if I happen to travel to Europe soon and find it there. But I know what you mean about touching a lot what you like! You just wnat to tease and squeeze it, liek you prob. do with your kids and I with my dog haha :)

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