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15 November, 2009


At this time of every year, our front yard always covered by fallen Bay leaves which reminds me to trim the tree next year..... but never did I care much about it. However, kids seems to love it this way cause' they can play clean-ups w/ brooms sweeping wherever!! :)

 Look at Ilona's hamster expression!! ha~

My Graytitude outfit!!

1. TOP: 
  • Valentino RED white shirt w/ asymmetrical lace tirm
  • Kay Park gray tuxedo blazer w/ shoulder details
 2. Bottom:
Agnes' B Homme metallic gray/blue trousers (altered as cuffed pants) 

3. Shoes: CL very simple nude pump
4. Accessory:
Flying lizard design gold plated necklace w/ turquoise n' gold mini disc
Chanel limited ed. metallic navy striped reissue 227 08'
 Hermes blue hot air balloon scarf 


credit to: In

It seems kate Moss can't get enough GRAY!!!

To my surprise, nude simple pump would soften this otherwise too boyish look. :)

I am not sure if I really like GRAY color,!! lol But since Gray is next BLACK, I don't mind wearing it head to toe too. ^O^


zzarazza said...

you look fantastic in gray

Betsy C. said...

I've been a huge fan of this white top b/c of its asymetrical hem. It's been a long journey trying to find something that has such an unique detail but alas, there hasn't been one that has caught my eye.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, zara girl. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy:

Yu and I went to Elfi's party and she shows us what you got....turquoise!! Right? I got see them IRL...oh, maybe we should meet cause' I also want to see your Lanvin (Renee wants my Lanvin too..haha..)

As for the white top w/ lace,yes, it is such a small detail but works a fun and intriguing look to any know what, maybe you can just cut a plain top and sew asymmetrical lace at rather simple and I think you can do it. :)

meriem said...

Hey there! fellow tpfer here :)
I just wanted to say i love this whole look, and your kids are precious, god bless you all!
quick question tough: could you maybe eplain how you did the carré wrap thing with the chains of your chanel purse? i'd appreciate it a lot!
my screen name on tpf is memete if you'd be so kind to pm me your method...


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