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Kate Spade Store Coupon 20% OFF, DIY of Marni Runway Look!!

I really need to organize my blogs into tags/categories so it will be easier for you girls to navigate on. But right now, thanks to
Google for its incredible searching mechanism that I hope you still can find something useful here other than seeing me fancy and vain in the pic. haha....!!!! lol.

This season, there is one more thing in my never-ending clothing wish list: A Cape!!!

I never really want ONE since it never occurs to me that it is a stylish staple in one's wardrobe. :P However, I know I am always enamored by its sophisticated look!! :) Maybe one day I will indulge myself w/ a classic piece like those on the mag.

Aren't those 3 capes classic n' gorgeous!!!!

I want to share a store coupon w/ you girls. This deal is better than its offered 15% off for joining in their email list. You just have to go to "store location" page and print out the coupon and use it in different stores if you have more than ONE item that you like!!!
(Please don't tell SAs that I pass around this deal. :P)

Click it if you want to save 20% off from Kate spade!!

I know my friend, Yu, was looking kate spade short sleeves white shirt w/ bow at both shoulders one day. Now I think she can take the plunge!!!

This is the damage I made today for myself. A look between cape and military inspired wool coat. I think it also is classic enough.

I like the lining very much cause' it makes me feel YOUNG and chic!! hee~~

What else is this season's trend that I didn't get ???!!! Ah~~ Studs!!! Something or anything w/ studs!!! You know, I did a touch up on my overly teared True religion jeans just to get a flavor of studs for fun!! :)

When my in-laws were here, my mother-in-law sewed a piece of denim fabric underneath of every tear of my true religion jeans.
I must admit, she is awesome doing those sewing things for me and my 3 kids whenever their visits here. She also made clothes for them by herself. :)

All I need to do afterward is to iron those studs wherever I want!

You know it costs a lot when jeans have that underneath patches of denim look.


Now I have a new pair of jeans w/ dispersive studs!! :)

You know what's so special today?!
Today is FRIDAY again!!!! I love Fridays as much as I love holidays cause' it's followed by Sat. and Sun. which DH and I don't have to abide by schedules in general except for Heidi's piano lesson on Sunday!!

I went shopping for Kids in GAP. As you might already know that Stella McCartney designed a collection for Gapbaby and Gapkids!! I am too late to get a military inspired jacket for my son, otherwise, we could wear the same style ensembles!!!! That will be cool!!!

I add a metal zipper on my Moschino cheap and chic cropped pants to get the LOOK ALIKE of Marni's runway look!!

Now, I need a pale look like her!!

I use both YSL no. 2 and Mac gloss!!

Ok, I should have applied some foundation to pale my skin too. :P

Accessory is another key for the look. BR $19.99!!

Viola~~~ everything is recycled from my wardrobe except the Michael Star tunic is new!!


1. Top:
  • Orange Boss mustard color ruched turtleneck n' slightly belted sleeves
  • Michael Star (15% cashmere) tunic w/ belt
2. Bottom: add 2 metal zippers on Moschino cheap and chic cropped pants

3. Accessory:
  • Polka dots charcoal socks
  • Marni platform mary-jane heels
  • Banana Republic ivory plastic necklace (on sale $19.99)
  • Hermes Gris T. 35cm Birkin

I love the golden metal zipper details!! Fun!!

Have a great weekend,girls!!

Oh, I will pass down those two rewards during this weekend!!!
So watch out, you maybe the one! :O Rach, xoxo


Betsy C. said…
Rachel - I was so drooling over that Stella McCartney military jacket a few days ago too! But it sold out quickly so I couldn't get my hands on it. Looks like that is the case for retail stores as well.

I actually almost bought that BR necklace recently too b/c it reminded me of your Anthropologie necklace that you had used for your Lanvin-inspired ODJs. However, the one that I picked up was slightly damanged and it kept snagging on my sweater so I gave up. It's a steal and it's funny how you picked it up too.

You MIL sounds like a great seamstress in that she can help you with your jeans and make kids clothing! You are not bad yourself for altering some of your own clothing.

Hope you find somewhere nice for tonight's dinner to reward yourself. SR, maybe?

Have a great weekend!
Angela said…
I love your look! What a great DIY, so easy. And your BR necklace on sale!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Betsy: so you looked it on line? I heard Yu said that the quality is not bad irl and hum.... now I lost the urge of buying it just because they still have those in Valley fair and somehow I set my mind of not getting it. :P Maybe Niel won't wear it even I got it for him. However, I bought a pink tutu, pink sneakers and green, pink tights for Heidi. A super hero shirt n' gray corduroy pants for Niel. Ilona got nothing from their collection but a pair of Gap leopard flat. :) I would think most of the collection is not that designer oriented and we(YOU) probably can find it on the street in Taipei. haha... Besides, they are so pricey under Stella's label. Well, I guess that's the quota for my kids' winter wear this season. hehe...

Oh, I left message about the necklace in previous comments. And yes, it is funny that we picked the same necklace. I have not much interest in other stuff but only this one I picked up right when I saw it on the sale stack!!! :)

Oh, now I kinda feel bad about saying my in-laws are annoy sometimes...(although it is true sometimes.):P but they are really great and they really respect me and my way of arranging things at home whenever their stay here.

Oh.. well, after Niel's tennis lesson end around 7:30 PM, I already finished cooking and feeding Ilona. I guess we will dine out the whole day tomorrow!!!!! :)

You too, have a fun family weekend!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, little girl: (Angela)
he..I think the 2nd cheapest thing I got this month is that BR on sale necklace. Last month, the cheapest score is $10 vintage silver chain necklace for DIY my Marni look-alike necklace. :) See, it is even expensive than your $4.99 haul. :P

Oh, you have a great weekend. .. I am almost catching up Gossip Girl on 3rd season!!!
Alice said…
Great jobs on the DIY projects! I didn't know you could get iron on studs? Good luck finding the Stella kids band jacket. I'm sure it will pop back up online or in stores.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Alice: yes, the studs are pretty easy to do but I don't know if it is just a matter of time they all falling off....haha.....anyway, I can always iron(kind of sticking back) on.

Thanks, but now I probably should ask my son if he likes it or not before I buy it. :)
susanh98 said…
Oh I love both outfits. Really cool what you did to your jeans! Now is like you have 2 new pants I like the zipper one too A LOT!!! I should really take out my sewing machine too and start doing some things to my clothes so I feel I have something "new" hahaha.
that michael stars top is so comfy looking i love it. I mean the whole outfit plus accessories and your Birkin is just TDF. I really need to start using my lash thing because man...looks like you are wearing fake lashes but they are real! So jealous.
Ok i'm going to my son's baseball practice now. Have a great weekend!
isabel said…
Hi Rachel,

I absolutely love the brown outfit!! The zippers on the pants are very cute, the tights, the shoes, the necklace and of course the birkin!!! The necklace is definitely very lanvin inspired and I love the price tag! I hope I can find one in BR in SCP.
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, Susan: haha.. I am glad you like the outfit and hope you do get inspired to pair something from your closet!! Oh, you totally should do the zipper thing. i am sure you have one cropped pants which you don't really wear it very often (mine is bought from a second hand store for $14.99 around) and I am so happy that I found a new LIFE for that pants. :) Well, I actually have someone alter the waist and add 2 zippers but I think for the money I spend on alternation is still cheaper than buying a NEW/trendy one like Marni's. You know, buying never ends but be creative sometimes is the most fun part paring ensemble for ourselves!!! :)

Hope you had a great weekend too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hey, sis: I know. Pei came to my house on THur. and she said I should carry my Birkin w/ that brown ensemble I put aside. She is totally in love w/ my Gris T. Birkin and she hopes to get the same one. :)

I thought you'd like that brow ensemble too cause' in fact, I know that's a classic look w/ a little trendy touch of details. Next year, I probably can do the same thing but change accessories/shoes even another color of Birkin to be a total different look. hahahahhaah..

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xoxo
little fish said…
wow you are real smart!!! Love your DIY for both the studs and the zipper, absolutely brilliant!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, little fish: Thanks. :) Just when I need something NEW, those 2 little adds-on are super!!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the changes you did to your clothes. so creative, how come i can never think of doing that? maybe you should become a consultant, like come to my closet and and tell me want i can do to my clothes to update the look. the new cape/jacket looks really cute. I wanted to get the br necklace too but didnt really now how to wear it, maybe i will think about getting it now.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Catherine:

you know, I just found out, my friends, Pei & Betsy both bought the same necklaces a while back. Betsy said that the necklace is a defeat and it snags her sweater.
pei says she is disappointed after seeing it IRL when she thought it was so beautiful on-line.

Pei thinks it is such plastic-y for $59.99.....

Hum....maybe I got it at $19.99 and for that price, I think this piece is so beautifully crafted w/ small details too. I would say this necklace looks great on dark and busy top... especially turtleneck too!!! I have to say it also accentuates BUST area when I have small breast. hahahahahaha.. *shy*.
Shelly said…
I usually take (at least) one of my daughters shopping on Saturday mornings,too, but for different reasons. If you go early enough, there’s nobody around. If you want a Mamiweb. coupon at great discount just visit And it gets us all out of my wife’s hair for awhile.In any case, one of the best tools I have for grocery shopping is a Price Book. I know, I know – a big pain. But not really.

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