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22 November, 2009

Ready for ThanksGiving!!?

We are heading off to LA w/ Yu's family this Thursday!! Friends are all we got in USA and in fact, that's how we celebrate it every year since DH and my family are way back in Asia!! 

Chinese prob: "在家靠父母,出外靠朋友!!"(The best shelter is hiding in parent's house but friends are whom you can rely on when away from home!!)

Indeed, I even asked my church buddy, Linda, to come over to my house to FIX our problem when DH and I had huge fights during in-laws' stay!!!! 


Too much details to explain what had happened to my parents over the phone and too hard to finish a whole sentence when talking to DH!!! :P

So someone DH and I both respect/trust would certainly be the best mediator!!! 

Now I think I own Linda a huge Thanks and I think I need to Give her my best regards over the phone immediately!! ^O^


1 comment:

Purse Addict said...

Where are you stayin in LA?? Traffic and parking will be horrid but if you are in the Costa Mesa area and at SCP...let me know!! We can have a little mini meet up at the CL boutique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


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