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14 November, 2009

Sweet n' not-spicy-at-all Shrimp w/ plum sauce!!

Left to right: ABC sweet soy sauce, plum sauce and soy sauce.

As request, I am suppose to show how to cook this couldn't-be-easier but looks-like-restaurant-grade n' taste even better shrimp dish to you all, but first thing first, here are all the secret ingredient to be prepared!!!

If you have ABC sweet soy sauce at home, everything you cook will taste as good as 5 star Chinese restaurants!! :) 

Get those and shrimps deveined w/ shells on ready, and I will show you how to cook Sweet rock shrimp sometime this week!!

Be sure to check back by Thursday!!


lilbou64 said...

I haven't cooked a dish in my life! I really need to start learning how to cook! Back to the supplements, hhaha.. remember I asked about them in your previous post?! I am taking collagen C and vitamins and fish oil and flax seed oil as well. I told my friends about it and they said it is not good to have so many supplements.... they can damage your liver in the long term.. I don't know, is it true?!
and have you notice that, husbands, they don't have to do anything, no skincares, sunscreen, or supplements, and they look so young and plumped still! at least for my hubby! He still has baby fat on his face, which gives him that youthful look.... so jealous!! lol

litlstrawberry said...

oh, little bou:

Yes, starting picking up a spatula is great idea...:) A girl knows how to cook is always popular ..haha... among friends! "P

Oh, the Vitamins!! I didn't take every single of them everyday. Such as I take couple kinds today and some other kinds the next day. And of course I would get lazy and skip couple days.

Do read the label if it says best taken w/ a meal or before. Sometimes it hurts your stomach if you take a certain vitamin w/ an empty stomach...or certain vitamin do upset your stomach no matter what!! For me ,I don't take Centrum everyday as I take so many other kinds and I eat healthy meal so it is unnecessary for me to take it everyday. I know some people get stomachache if taking Vitamin C. (acid)

I guess you just try to balance your Vitamin intake and not to take them as meal/food substitute, I don't think Vitamin would give you kidney or liver problem. I read an article that someone has Vitamin A toxicity symptom because she drinks carrot juice 4 glasses a day for 4 years and because our body can only take certain levels of vitamin to absorb, then the exceeded amount actually toxin her body!! Falling hair, feeling her reaction of that.

So, everything taken/eaten in adequate amount is the key and ask your family doctor if you have any symptom changes after you take those vitamins. Oh, don't take fish oil everyday...maybe twice a week since it would fatten you up if you don't exercise regularly. hha...

hum..some guys or some girls are inherited w/ great skin, young is unfair, I know (ha~)..but taking good care of ourselves is the KEY to stay real healthy in the long term too!!!! :)

lilbou64 said...

Thank you for your reply! I learn so much from you! I totally admire your love for fashion and just general well being! I will take your advice and try to have a balanced intake of the supplements. I did notice that after I start taking the fish oil pills, I gained weights! haha.. Guess I will have to cut back on that like you mentioned. Thanks again!

litlstrawberry said...

you are welcome, little bou. The fish oil do fatten you up in the beginning but after a while when your body adjust its intake of OIL, I don't think it will really add up pounds on your overall weight. Everything you consume has oil/fat, right?!! That's the same thing when you take one more pill of fish oil or flax seed oil, eventually the body will balance itself. I never heard anyone get FAT just by taking those pills. .... haha...


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