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Treasure Hunt!!

My designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer, had her handcrafted jewelry show at her friend's house today. Before I stop by the party in the afternoon, I still have to cook for lunch and kids also have their piano lessons to attend!!! Oh, life is definitely much more complicated and busier w/ kids!! 

I bought le Cruset orange 9 1/2 Qt. oval pot during Bloomingdale's one day home sale and I took it out today for making curry beef stew. I love the color-orange which is our interior design focal color!! But most important thing is the strong iron material which will be the safest pot to BURN over the stove if I ever leave the house w/ unattended fire!!!! 

Huh? What? Don't you have the same experience as me??!!! lol

Giorgio Armani Rouge 400 n' Lacome lipgloss (lower lip only)!

I don't know what's got into me, I suddenly want to wear RED lips today!!

My son accompanied me to drive Abby to her piano lesson in Los Gateos while DH and Ilona rest at home.  He took those cute photos w/ our camera and as a matter of fact, I am quite enjoying those pictures after uploading them.  

It is great that Niel starts appreciating pretty things from his perspective!!

I was intended to find a Vintage dress form today!! (it turns out the store owner doesn't want to sell them even she collects 4 already.)lol What a bummer!! 

Decorative sparkled Acorns. 

I bet any gift will look/feel extra fancy w/ those glitter snow men!! 

Those mini santa locked in the cage reminds me of Disney cartoon: Pinocchio!! 

Now you see what would catch a 5 year-old boy's eyes, Santa Claus!!! haha.... Almost everything he shoot w/ our camera is Santa!! HOW CUTE!!

Here are the 3 found treasures today!!  

1st: Heidi Daus ring

Her style is extremely stone intensive w/ heirloom quality thus vintage look. 

I have a weakness w/ purple.....this ring is just so massive w/ purple crystals. 

Even the sides has paved crystals and the brass metal is so timeless look. 

2nd: Tour Eiffel $39
Our whole family were in Pairs at this time last year~~ Ah, time flies!! 


3rd: Elfi's African turquoise "Natural beauty" necklace. $96

I have never seen IVORY (the color) turquoise!!

Those are not my usual taste but i love natural inspired beauty!

It might be a challenge for me to pull off the look. 
We will see then. :)

Red lips + Red heels = Christmas!! 


1. TOP: 
  • RUGBY silk/cotton dress w/ organza skirt 
  • Stella McCartney degraded sequin tank
  • Ted Baker white dolly coat
2. Shoes: Sergio Rossi heels 


I didn't know Abby was posing in the background!haha...

Time w/ kids on the grass -- priceless!!

See you tomorrow!! :)


I really love the red lips on you more than any color I've seen on your lips. Maybe I'm just biased since I love red lips but I really think it makes your features pop even more:) Love it! I think you should wear red lips more often. It's very beautiful on you! But what isnt?:)
Angela said…
yay for red lips! I really love the ring you bought, it's gorgeous! and your outfit is wonderful. I love the white! haha and your daughter's skirt matches yours! It's so cute.
Purse Addict said…
lol...your daughter is cute!! i love her skirt too :)
Anonymous said…
love the red lips on you! hot hot! great treasures you found, that necklace is under $100? wow, it looks so expensive. I am bummed i missed it :(
Hi R! Haha....Abby is so cute! I told you she should be a kid model. :D And Neil is so good with photography at 5!! I wish Mason will be like that too when he turns 5.

Hmmmm......I think I'm the only one who's weird here. To be honest, I like you with nude make-up more than red lips. Nude /natural/light make-up enhances your complexion/beauty more. Hehe! But it's a good try with the red lips...matches your mood and the festive season.

BTW, did you really wear those red heels on the grass??!!! I bow to you (很佩服你).....haha...coz I will never wear heels on grass as the heels will always be sticking in the soil. LOL! 你真勇敢!! :D
Anonymous said…
love the red lip, it suits you *especially with the SR heels! I was waering them the other day and thought about you babe!* and love your two daugthers they are just soo cute
Jasmine said…
Beautiful pictures :) love the purple ring!
La Rubia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mother of Style said…
You look gorgeous with red lips! I also really like the ring you featured :)
Jenny said…
Ah! I definitely want the red lipstick and gloss you use, you have the perfect shade! I've been feeling the same way about red lips: I just adore them (plus, then I don't have to use so much eye makeup!).
Also, the purple sparkly ring = absolutely gorgeous!
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Rx. How are you doing? Getting better from the cold??? The weather gets so chill here in SF and I can't believe my friend, Isabel, says that LA is still 75 F....warm at the beach!!!

Oh, thank, I really should wear my red lip more since then I get to find more RED lip color to play w/ hah..... :)

oh, I want to get ONE MORE CL pump this season but don't know what to get...I wanna see what's on sale and then score one w/ sale price :).
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Angela. I see you still having so much fun w/ those cute clothes. :)

Hum..winter white is a must try every year this season...for everyone!! :)

ha, now I have a ruffle skirt too. he..
litlstrawberry said…
Thanks, Jenny. She is really into dressing herself up these days.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Catherine: yes, the ring is only $79 too. I love it very much and I wore it these days too.....
How do you feel girl? Hope it is not a serious flu!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: Thanks. I like both of my looks in fact. However, I notice I don't have to put on eye shadows when wearing red pops every features of me.... which is great so i get to save sometime applying mascara..haha...

Oh, well, that grass is next to our door....the kindergarten my son goes to now. They just like going there and play w/ all the monkey bars. I want DH to take pic of me and I don't mind getting muddy w/ shoes... just wipe them off.... :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, cutie:

yes, that RED is liking a dripping red paint... I think my lip matches w/ that red heels too. They are so eye-catching!! I bet you got many compliment wearing those heels too. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, mother of style, thanks for dropping by here. I like your cute blog.
Oh, the foundation looks great on you!!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Jenny:
you are darn right about wearing red lip can also skip wearing eye shadows!!! for me, one of these things would see on my face, mascara, blush or red lips. If I wear mascara, I'd like some eyeliner to pop more. If I wear blush, I can skip eyeliner and mascara all together. Then the red lips is probably the most efficient way to do make-ups. ^O^

However, I don't think I ever wear only one shade of red...I like something underneath something!! hha...

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