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Feather, do you think it is too delicate?

I love feather trims on any garments and when I spot something interesting with bird's feather, I dig. T-shirt are plain and occasionally, I might be in the mood dressing as a minimalist so I'd dig into the deserted corner of my wardrobe looking for one. But this Ostrich Tee is not the case. The ostrich feather is so soft and it makes me feel so luxury yet effortless sexy at the same time. The light and fluffy ostrich feather also remind me of cotton candy. Oh, except I am an adult and I am not a fan of sticky cotton candy but I am sure that I am equally excited of wearing ostrich tee as little girl is enjoying her cotton candy in hand. Ha~ 
No.21 ostrich tee, Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo dress, Nubu leather clutch, Hermes leather bracelet, Strategia boots, multi-colored ribbon necklace, Karen Walker pink squared sunglasses 
 Almost fool me there with that "Y" character.... YSL??  Nay, Nubu it is!!! 
There are equally intricate details in the front of No.21 ostrich te…

I Can't Have Enough Stripes.

Are you ready for the upcoming fall yet? Do you like the crisp air or chunky sweater or both? For me, fall is the perfect season to do layerings in San Francisco, and now I can say after living here for almost 15 years, I am finally a California girl. 
Here I am at suburban los altos hills, although we don't need a chunky sweater just yet, but light layering for the temperature drop from day to night is still a must. So long sleeves shirt is not only perfect for California sun during the day, but also a barrier for chilly wind in the evening. How I love about the deep cut V shape shirt is that it has the slouchy drop and extra casual chic compares to everyday button down. Don't you think so?? 

Les Prairies De Paris striped deep V slouchy shirt, Love Couture bra top, Italy thrift-store find leather mini, Karen Walker tortoise sunglasses, Valentino studded booties ( the only current season piece on me), nubu leather clutch, BCBG necklace.
The leather mini skirt is a bottom down and…

Classic Act!

Yes, pin-striped pattern is so handsome yet so classic even worn on woman. I scored this Dion Lee II wide leg trousers for this season and I can't tell you how much I love its casualness and put-together look even when I just throw a tank top on.  As far as the flower and tartan, checker prints are concerned, I definitely love them but a break from colors is good for me. If you are not good at clashing patterns or prints, less is more. Besides, sometimes a subtle detail goes a long way, right? 
Clever colors and patterns clashing! (pic. from Internet) 
 Nubu leather clutch, Hermes sandal, Hermes CDC bracelet
 Bailey44 bustier leather/cotton top, Dion Lee II trousers, Manolo suede pump  (Me and my gf, Catherine) 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Balmain (pic. from Internet) 
Hot off the runway inspiration.   xoxo Rachel

Dainty Men's Suit!!

Men's fashion, hum... I normally write abut women's fashion since I am a woman and it is only easily applicable to me to write about what I love in women's fashion industry. However, I do appreciate a man who takes care of not only his career, his car ( how cliche! ha~ ) but also his style and looking impossibly dapper. Speaking of looking dapper, suits comes into my mind first and most suits may be increasing in popularity as more men embrace fashion and expand their wardrobes into more daring styles.  They add lovely pocket square, wear the cutest bow tie, sharp textile, and those layered handsome!!!  Now, don't you just feel like checking out those men clothes!!!!  
Before autumn's arrival, I find BONOBOS men's collection are all so charming and I can't help but also venture to their women's collection. For men's trousers, I am impressed that they even have a rainbow color spectrum of casual pants to choose from. Oh, wait, go…