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26 September, 2014

Classic Act!

Yes, pin-striped pattern is so handsome yet so classic even worn on woman. I scored this Dion Lee II wide leg trousers for this season and I can't tell you how much I love its casualness and put-together look even when I just throw a tank top on.  As far as the flower and tartan, checker prints are concerned, I definitely love them but a break from colors is good for me. If you are not good at clashing patterns or prints, less is more. Besides, sometimes a subtle detail goes a long way, right? 

Clever colors and patterns clashing! (pic. from Internet) 

 Nubu leather clutch, Hermes sandal, Hermes CDC bracelet

 Bailey44 bustier leather/cotton top, Dion Lee II trousers, Manolo suede pump 
(Me and my gf, Catherine) 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Balmain (pic. from Internet) 

Hot off the runway inspiration.  
xoxo Rachel 

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