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Fendi and Bottega 2012 FALL RUNWAY

I am awed by Bottega Veneta and Fendi's 2012 fall runway shows during Milan Fashion week. Especially, I adore those mid-length dress/pencil skirt from Bottega very much and I appreciate the whole look of a woman in a sexy dress always seem so elegant yet with aplomb.  That's something I always want to achieve when I dress myself up, classical sexiness and confident. 

Bottega Veneta


This fall the deep green, burgundy and navy/electric blue colors have never been so dominant. While they are so hot on the runway, why don't we take the chance to wear those shades before summer comes. 

Iosselliani  {Navy + Yellow intensively compliment each other.}

I  think Missoni brown/green neck warmer really tights the whole colors altogether. 
 Top: J Crew knit sweater 
Bottom: Chanel navy skirts
Accessory: cross patterns tights Missoni neck-warmer 09' (acquired in Rome) Iosselliani earrings (link here)  Zara kelly green oversized clutch 

Chanel 11' laser-cut booties

Haider Ackerman…

Winter White

Normally, I wear winter white once a year. However, I realized I didn't have the mood of wearing head-to-toe white ensemble last year. It must be the weather that is not as chilly as it is used to be during winter in North California.  

The weather dropped its temperature down a bit today. And I had this white suiting inspiration from Patrik ErvellWomen's ready-to-wear 2012 spring/summer collection, therefore, I decided it is time to wear my winter white which I would credit it to last year. lol....  

Meanwhile, looking at Burberry Prorsum's fall 2012 collection, I am totally drawn into the cool flat hat attitude with girly skirt looks. I guess finally those wool hats done with fine craftsmanship could be appreciated even more. 


Ann Fountain sleeveless shirts
Elisabeth and James white blazer with ruched sleeves

Tory Burch tuxe. pants with satin ribbon piping 

Hermes white Collier De Chien
Hakei (link here) beaded add-on collar
Chanel beige clair classic …

Foundation? Primer? DRESS over a solid foundation.

I rarely apply foundation as it actually covers my nature skin tone. However, I love primer and tinted moisturizer and they are just as good as most UVA/UVB foundation does to protect our skin from the sun. 

So, what does the foundation to do with dress-up?? 

Well, I dug out my Michael Angel 2010 dress cause' I want to flaunt its pretty, and intensive prints again. And you know, I don't want to get goose bumps all over since it gets pretty chilly sometimes in the afternoon. So, my perfect solution is wearing something light and monotoned underneath of it.  I think it works pretty well. ^O^

Do give your past season clothes a new vibe!!
{Note to myself: It's time to check back out Michael's new collection 2012.}
{Simple color rule: Torquoise toe nails/raffia wedge and mango yellow Chanel classic flap.}

Michael Angel Fall 2012 

One last thing to share before I go to bed....... {You gotta to give them a good try, believe me, you will get addicted.} Chantecaille Spring/Summe…

Simple Color Rules!!

Fellow blog reader asked me how do we match the bags with our shoes...


I don't do matchy-matchy much but I feel them.. I feel my shoes and my bags whenever I dress myself up. ... err... Ok, I see your reaction. lol

Here is the simple rule I create, you can use complementary color of a primary color (red, blue, or yellow) to do matching for your bags and shoes. So the complementary color of red is green, of blue is orange, and of yellow is purple. You can basically draw a line across and get the various shades for their closest complimentary colors. If you placed complementary colors next to each other, complementary colors make each other appear brighter, more intense, thus pretty too. {PS. I didn't create this theory but simply utilize this concept to do outfit color matching.} 

Image: © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to, Inc.

Now, let's put the ideal into reality. Don't worry about trying out those runway tropical colors and patterns,  you will get th…

Clean Cut!

When I don't do much layering on my clothes, the look is much simpler and clean. But I really like to accessorize myself, so the simple look didn't last long at all. 

In fact, I already out and about and found myself in two layers of tanks after spending a day in the city with friends and family. 

On me: Pink knit sweater, Marni pink cropped pants, YSL triboo pump with patent cap toe, Chanel garden tweed bag.. layers of bracelets. 

Irene: A. Wang heels 

J crew bracelet, Club Monaco leather bracelet, Dannijo cotton thread bracelet, Rachel Leigh pink bracelet with gold bow 

I remember I used to do those braiding cotton thread in class.  We pretended we were listening to the lecture while busying braiding underneath the desk. lol ... Old School fun ~~~ 

I have to share hubby today's look... lol... 
He is never a complicated man in terms of dressing himself up until today... because of me. 
(Aqua by Aqua shirt with textured sleeves, GAS hooded down vest, and my sunglasses.) 


Add-on Sleeves... A new look for Sleeveless Trench coat.

Do you remember those Emporio Armani 2011 runway looks with add-on sleeves? Gotta tell you that they come in handy. 


"Fashion fade, style lives", isn't it??

I love being creative. I think I finally found a perfect way of wearing those two extra sleeves. Meanwhile, don't you think that extra add-on sleeves had pushed sleeveless trench coat style to a whole new level?!  Plus, no more chilly arms/armpit. lol

Emporio Armani fall 2011


1. Top:
Max & Co. black jersey dress
Opening Ceremony lace/crochet/tassel dress
Carven sleeveless trench vest/coat

2. Accessory:
Hermes Rubis Lindy 30cm
Bottega Veneta cashmere fingerless fishnet gloves 
Emporio Armani 2011 fall runway add-on sleeves

3. Shoes:
Charlotte Olympia red velvet cat face wedge/platform 
How do you like my look?

Maximize your wardrobe!
xoxo Rachel 

A Take-on Sleeveless Trench Coat.

I always like the idea of a new take-on of sleeveless trench coat look. A simple twist of classic look does make our life more fun, I must add. {From the fact that I know some fashionista procure one by cutting themselves off two sleeves out of a regular trench coat. ^O^ Isn't that fun. }

I bought this Carven sleeveless trench at nida in SF city. (last season) Not only can I wear it as a trench coat, but also can be a perfect transitional shirt dress during spring/summer time. Thanks to its hidden/removable belt. 

BTW, want to know a new blog? Read more about travel with style? Here is a new blog share with you. {Warning: You have to read my story first. ^O^}

Massimo Dutti white shirt, leather collar, Sandro leather pants, Carven sleeveless trench with white collar, Proenza schouler PS1 messenger bag, 09' gold cap toe pump 

Everyone seems favor the trouser look with a sleeveless trench. 
What about you?
xoxo Rachel 

Mix-n'-match Classic and Chic!!!

I don't really resell things online but you are welcome to give me a price for it if you are fond of anything in my wardrobe. {Since I just sold my belt to a friend (a blog reader), she gave me this inspiration.  It might be great that someone would appreciate my stuff and give it a try on herself.} 

Top:   Massimo Dutti white sheer shirt with contrasting bow and collar trim
Bottom: Sandra leather pants with gold zipper pulls (bought at Barcelona, Spain) 
Accessory: Leather collar with beads Karen Walker tortoise daddy sunglasses Proenza Schouler ps1 large messenger bag  Hermes Croc.Collier De Chien Mykonos 2011
Shoes:  Proenza Schouler runway 09' heels

Tip: Match hardware details with the color on your shoes.(Here: Gold tone zipper pulls on leather pants match the gold caps on the heels.}  

It's all about details. 
xoxo Rachel 

Valentine's Lounge-Wear Look!

Since when the Valentines' Day becomes all citizens' activities, I don't know. lol.  

From my childhood memory is that I would have my chocolate gift-wrapped pretty for someone I admired and hopefully that special someone would accept and return me one as a sign of the mutual fondness.  Aw.. how romantic!! 

Now things are seem to be different for my children.  The school teachers recommend us to prepare enough goodies for every student in the classroom, so I did. I did total 64 Valentines' goodie bags for the classmates in Niel, Heidi and Ilona's class. Ah, don't forget their teachers, therefore, another 4 adult appropriate Valentine goodie bags are prepared. {Here I mean "Adult appropriate" is that something is more useful or maybe edible. You know how those itty-bitty fun stuff is only designed for children and those "stuff" meant to be thrown away after very short period of time.... I know, I hate to say most fun "stuff" like that…

Orange Pants and Black Hair~

A hot and stylish mom I met in the SF city today.
You can check out Sietske Tjallingii's blow-your-mind-away website:

{Gotta warn you first that they ain't ordinary short films. ^O^}

Be stylish and be brave. 
xoxo Rachel 

Chanel 2012 Spring/Sumer Trunk Show!

The Chanel dresses are exquisite so are the models. ^O^

See what I held in my hand ~~ Tabitha Simmons spring/summer 2012 heels. 
Ah... (I am just as happy by holding them as wearing on my feet for now.)

Summer, I can't wait.
xoxo Rachel 

Are you ready for the emerging talent - Accessories: 2011 Winner, Tabitha Simmons!!

Check her out, oh, I mean, check out Tabitha Simmons amazing shoes collection for this spring/summer. Soon they will be available online. 

Tabitha Simmons Fall 2011 Shoe Collection Launch from Flipworks Limited on Vimeo.

Neiman Marcus in San Francisco has this one.. retailed at $1695. Ouch ~~ ^O^ Tabitha Simmons Spring/Summer 2012
Enjoy a shoe feast this summer.  xoxo Rachel 

Choker Style Necklace Rocks!!

This is a fun piece I bought from my dearest friend, Elfi, who handcrafts her every piece uniquely. Love them all. You can check out her blog here

While "yellow" is such a hit color in 2012, I am happy that I have this yellowish, multiple colored beads necklace to rock the trend. 

Have fun in your color!!
xoxo Rachel 

Statement Necklace, yes! Neck-hugging choker, please!!

Statement necklace doesn't have to be huge but it gotta be unique this year. { I know we always want it to be as big as possible, but the trend changed.}  Good things is no more dragging weight on your neck, but it might choke you if you don't wear it cautiously. {Alright, just kidding, but now you know the style trend. }

Choker style. It doesn't mean you have to wear it so tight that looks like a leash on you. If you can manage to wear the necklace above your collar bone, you are wearing the trend well. Let's see then!!! 

I am not so much of a rocker but I love rocker style. Here are couple chokers that definitely help to make your appearance unforgettable in any occasion. Hey, they are choker, and they are subtle in a unique but not so HUGE way. Love them!!! 

You can acquire Dannijo piece here

Cynthia + Dannijo collaborate on runway look 2012. 
Have fun with your chocker style.  xoxo Rachel