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20 February, 2012

Simple Color Rules!!

Fellow blog reader asked me how do we match the bags with our shoes...


I don't do matchy-matchy much but I feel them.. I feel my shoes and my bags whenever I dress myself up. ... err... Ok, I see your reaction. lol

Here is the simple rule I create, you can use complementary color of a primary color (red, blue, or yellow) to do matching for your bags and shoes. So the complementary color of red is green, of blue is orange, and of yellow is purple. You can basically draw a line across and get the various shades for their closest complimentary colors. If you placed complementary colors next to each other, complementary colors make each other appear brighter, more intense, thus pretty too. {PS. I didn't create this theory but simply utilize this concept to do outfit color matching.} 

 Image: © Marion Boddy-Evans. Licensed to, Inc.

Now, let's put the ideal into reality. Don't worry about trying out those runway tropical colors and patterns,  you will get there eventually.

PhotobucketMy ODJ

Madewell green tank
Mr. Larkin eco friendly silk racer tank
Dolma mixed media shirt (bought at Anthroplogie couple years back) 
Maria floral print skirt 
Alaia 11' laser-cut tote 
Momo's March full sunbeam bracelet
Marni 2012 suede green platform 

Remember primary colors and its complementary colors.
xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

Love the way you paired bright red bag with lime/green shoes!

Looking amazing as always!

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Mona,
Thank u. ;)
Hey, u know what, maybe u can offer me a price for that Givenchy if u re up for it still.



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