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22 February, 2012

Foundation? Primer? DRESS over a solid foundation.

I rarely apply foundation as it actually covers my nature skin tone. However, I love primer and tinted moisturizer and they are just as good as most UVA/UVB foundation does to protect our skin from the sun. 

So, what does the foundation to do with dress-up?? 

Well, I dug out my Michael Angel 2010 dress cause' I want to flaunt its pretty, and intensive prints again. And you know, I don't want to get goose bumps all over since it gets pretty chilly sometimes in the afternoon. So, my perfect solution is wearing something light and monotoned underneath of it.  I think it works pretty well. ^O^

Do give your past season clothes a new vibe!!
{Note to myself: It's time to check back out Michael's new collection 2012.}

{Simple color rule: Torquoise toe nails/raffia wedge and mango yellow Chanel classic flap.}

Michael Angel Fall 2012 

One last thing to share before I go to bed....... {You gotta to give them a good try, believe me, you will get addicted.}
Chantecaille Spring/Summer 2012 eye shadows + YEStoCarrots shampoo/conditioner 

Are you ready for Spring?
xoxo Rachel 

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