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12 February, 2012

Valentine's Lounge-Wear Look!

Since when the Valentines' Day becomes all citizens' activities, I don't know. lol.  

From my childhood memory is that I would have my chocolate gift-wrapped pretty for someone I admired and hopefully that special someone would accept and return me one as a sign of the mutual fondness.  Aw.. how romantic!! 

Now things are seem to be different for my children.  The school teachers recommend us to prepare enough goodies for every student in the classroom, so I did. I did total 64 Valentines' goodie bags for the classmates in Niel, Heidi and Ilona's class. Ah, don't forget their teachers, therefore, another 4 adult appropriate Valentine goodie bags are prepared. {Here I mean "Adult appropriate" is that something is more useful or maybe edible. You know how those itty-bitty fun stuff is only designed for children and those "stuff" meant to be thrown away after very short period of time.... I know, I hate to say most fun "stuff" like that are junks after all.}

We did a lounge-wear party for Cathy's birthday at Grand Cafe in SF city last Friday evening. {It began to rain and we have to put on our sweaters and change our shoes after the party.... that was hilarious!!}


Another possible lounge-wear look. 
(Pic. Lanvin)

Lounge-wear looks are perfect for Valentines' day/date!! ^O^

Are you ready for your Valentines' look yet?
"Red" definitely works too. ^O^
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Love your lounge-wear look and your glittery clutch, looks gorgeous!

cathysmith07 said...

Wow lovely huh. That was actually the most beautiful outfit for this Valentines day. Nice! Looking forward for more.

Rachel Cheng said...

Thank you, Mona.
Hope u have a sweet V day!
Xo Rachel

Rachel Cheng said...

Thank u, Cathy. ;) Ur sweet compliments is the best V gift. ;)


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