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Easy Chic in sweater or sweat shirt ~

It is sweater season .... and I love both sweaters and sweat-shirts but never want to look sluggish in them. Besides, the wardrobe required in my most auditions, they request me to dress hip and casual.  In order to achieve that look, I really pick the pieces that's not so plain and give myself a nice pop. Of course, don't want to over kill by a look. What about you? Are you going to auditions like I do? I would love to have you share with me about how do you dress yourself up for auditions and give me some pointers. ^O^ 

Contrasting collared shirt, J Crew color block sweater, Agnes' b pants (altered with contrasting side panel), Valentino rock stud loafer, h for Harris quilted bag 

A.L.C beaded sweat shirt, Aqua by Aqua skirt, leather Converse with Joey Found hand-embellished studs, h for Harris quilted crossbody bag. 

I am so busy these days with all the auditions in the city.... finally today I finish early and had the luxury to strut around in downtown. 

Have a good Tuesda…


I will shoot a scene for a small story/film at Lake Chabot on Thursday. Will you check out the website or Facebook at when you get a chance? It's an interesting story and I like it a lot.

Be cozy, and have fun with your sweaters and knit top. 
xoxo Rachel

Be stylish as you breath.

Style is an attitude: If you have the attitude, you have a unique style!!

Rochas backless top + Agnes' b asymmetrical full skrit + Monolo Blahnik kitten heels + Louis Vuitton mini monogram clutch/wallet + collar necklace + skinny belt 

H&M tee + Burberry Prorsum pants + Alaia tote + Elfi Altendorfer necklace + Prada sunglasses 

Have an attitude!
xoxo Rachel 

In your Comfortable color!

What does comfortable ensemble mean to me? Hum... something cotton, something silk and definitely something still looks stunning on me when put together. When I found something flatters me, I wore it a lot...a lot in a way that I wore it couple or several days in a roll. I pair it in so many ways that my friend can never forget I have that piece of clothes that I treasure so much. ^O^ Simply, I feel it and they'll see it too. 

If you ever receive compliments on a particular color or any outfit, wear it more often. That will not only give you a good mood but also boost your confidence. So why not wear it more often, right? I am a sucker for any shade of green given at current state and I am surprised that this Dries Van Noten printed blouse is so versatile that I can also pair it with my Topshop forest green shorts I found at Barcelona last year.  Aren't we all tend to buy the clothes in similar colors over and over again? But I am glad that my wardrobe is not filled with black …

I am so ready for Fall ~ looks for a casual chic!!

The temperature dropped a little these couple days in San Francisco.  As far as I am concerned, I really like the cool air right now but not to the point the wind feels chill when blows on the face.  People start layering their scarves on the street but what really excites me is I finally get to take out our pumpkins and small decorations for the house. Inviting, is what I want for my friends to feel and holidays, is what really gets my mood lifted!! ^O^  

Marni sleeveless blouse, black 3 quarter sleeves tee, Carven sleeveless trench, Celine red pants, Dior quilted patent booties, Alaia laser-cut tote, Oscar de la Renta belt, Ben Amun gold feather collar 

Prada acetate sunglasses 

Dries Van Noten runway 2012 blouse, Mcginn cropped tuxedo jacket with vest, Y-3 big pocket cropped pants, Charlotte Olympia wedge, Chanel classic reissue 226, Hermes ultraviolet leather bracelet 2012

Have a holiday mood.
xoxo Rachel 

Empirical rules of fashion.

As a fashion devotee, I love runway looks. And as far as personal style is concerned, there is no better way to observe and do experiment by trying different looks until one day you are confident and comfortable in every outfit you put together. Certainly, it takes time and it takes practice and learning.  I would say i have pretty good sense of dressing myself up and a strong personal style, but in acting, I am not as lucky as native English speakers.  There is always a struggle for me to have the first instinct with each line I am reading. Sometimes I feel that if I am reading Chinese, I could have done a better job in acting. Well, but again, life will not be so interesting and challenging if I could do everything so easily. Anyway, it is still a long journey for me in acting but I am doing it and most importantly, I am enjoying it. Just like one of my teacher said, going each audition is like doing a job already. There is no need to be nervous since you are supposed to be good at …

Weekend in San Francisco.

San Francisco is considered having the best weather in United States but New York is probably the best city to experience what distinctive four seasons should be. While my friend and I were in New York, people told us that they can tolerant the cruel and cold winter in New York just fine but wish it is shorter!!  One of the ladies we chatted while dined at Le Bernadine said that "The longer the winter gets, the deeper the depression she becomes." lol... I guess 5 months cold winter time is quite long including those snowy days.  

Well, just count our blessings that we are pretty lucky here in California.  We have choices whether or not we want a snow flight, or a ski trip, we simply hop in our van and drive our way to pay a visit on Lake Tahoe or Colorado for a ski trip. 

Dries Van Noten blouse 2012, Preen leather pants with brats, Stella McCartney jacquard blazer, Givenchy chain boots. 
Cheers! xoxo Rachel