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08 October, 2012

Empirical rules of fashion.

As a fashion devotee, I love runway looks. And as far as personal style is concerned, there is no better way to observe and do experiment by trying different looks until one day you are confident and comfortable in every outfit you put together. Certainly, it takes time and it takes practice and learning.  I would say i have pretty good sense of dressing myself up and a strong personal style, but in acting, I am not as lucky as native English speakers.  There is always a struggle for me to have the first instinct with each line I am reading. Sometimes I feel that if I am reading Chinese, I could have done a better job in acting. Well, but again, life will not be so interesting and challenging if I could do everything so easily. Anyway, it is still a long journey for me in acting but I am doing it and most importantly, I am enjoying it. Just like one of my teacher said, going each audition is like doing a job already. There is no need to be nervous since you are supposed to be good at your job. Whether or not you get the role you audit for, you have done it and just move on to next audition and wishfully, one day you get paid by wining the role. 

Fortunately, my life is not just about fashion, I have everyone ever wishes for: a loving family, lots of good friends, 3 lovely children, a supportive husband and a whole lot surprises reoccur in life. 

Jill Sander humming bird tee, Dries Van Noten 2012 runway pants, Hermes sandals  

Yu in Chanel LBD
Emporio Armani sweater, Zara embroidery pants, Jeffery Campbell studded boots


What's your most chanllenging encounter in life? Confront it. xoxo Rachel

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