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Happy Halloween 2011!!

I think I am/we are done this year's Halloween!! We went up to California of Science Museum last Sat. with friends and had an awesome Halloween evening there.

Here are some highlights from the evening. 

I am suppose to be a tulip goddess but then I turned out to look like Russian Babushka doll with pieces I put together from my wardrobe. {I guess it is a good thing that I didn't spend a dime for my costume.}

The lashes are long and curly which I bought at Rite aid and they are meant to be the look for Vampire's mistress. 
I attach Shu Uemura colored lashes at bottom eyeliner. 
Me and my Ilona, Princess Cinderella. 
Little Justin Bieber 

Wizard of the Oz family!
complimentary drinks. 
My Russian Babushka doll look. 

Aqua by Aqua (link here) coral orange bodysuit, pink tulip shaped bubbly skirt, mustard yellow tights, Alaia gold wrap heels, Anthropologie bib necklace as embellished apron,  mirrored head band. 
A pair of love sea horses!! 

Me and Irene. 
Deflated angry bird. 

Good Eats: La Mar!!

La Mar restaurant in SF! 

we girls went to La Mar yesterday for dinner and all I can say is "we are in HEAVEN"~~~ Yes, the food is that fresh and that good!! You should try it yourself.  

Now, let's dig in!!!

Random encounter on the parking lot in the city

A herd of prints lovers!!

Comfort-Zone: Moccasins and Rubber-sole Boots!

I wear heels a lot so occasionally those made-for-walk-n'-comfort shoes really soothe my feet. 

Minnetonka suede moccasins in blue 

Madewell print lovers top and BlankNYC spray-on skinny jeans Elfi Altendorfer costume jewelry Vintage bead earrings 

 Top layer Madewell  "Le minor" dip-dye tee, Ben Amun beaded triple strings necklace, Karen Walker Daddy tortoise sunglasses, Proenza Schouler large satchel 

Bottom: Hudson black skinny jeans 

Diesel Charles mixed brown boots(Click here to see in Charcoal color)
Hum... maybe with a fur coat/scarf/hat, I can walk around like this in Greece in December. 

Get ready for Halloween
xoxo Rachel 

Winter is never been this colorful and playful!!

After painting the soffit of my kitchen green, I found myself a new color frenzy. So now I am in a phase of being crazy about green. It all starts from my sage green hairband which I intended to cover my two blisters at forehead.  { Can I say that I am Self-inspired by that? } 

The color palette is sure more colorful than ever on this season's runway and I am glad that we have so many options to dress ourselves in colors in winter time!! 

Yesterday I was trying a cape/poncho from J Crew but since this style is secondly marked down, they really don't have many sizes left to choose from. Therefore, I tried on size Medium and didn't like the slouchy drop around my shoulders so I passed it. {It really is a great deal of additional 30% off from current $99.}

The Herringbone pattern is nice and always a classic.

I want to complete my houndstooth Marc by Marc Jacobs green dress look with an oversized clutch. However, all I have is green one from Zara which wouldn't work in this o…


Vibrant colored pants Marni (pink) 
Marni (gold yellow)

{I thought only me wearing the Marni pants crooked... the pockets tend to pop out and iron-pressed line seems unaligned with the thighs!!}

Jewel Tone


Maxi pleats

Golden glamour 

pop up poppy red

Luxe. fur and prints