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23 October, 2011

Home decorating ideas, fun element: Tassel!!

I bought one MacKenzie-Childs country check enamel tea pot at NM and I couldn't help getting more! I just love the check pattern that not only does it not go out of style, but also easy to match either country or modern home decor. What's more, it can add a little French flair to your house.  

So, let's have a tour in my house... oh, no, I mean let's have some fun and see what you can do with those tassels other than hanging them on the drapery curtains. 

 Typical, on the door knobs.

Ah, ha~ hang them to magnify the look of your chandelier { I might need more here...}

Can you see those tiny little tassels on Chandelier?

If they can make twigs as deers' horns, why not put them a good use... ^O^..... 

On the bed's headboard {good idea~}
(pic. from link)
On the cute!! 
(pic. from Pottery Barn)

So, what do you think? Fun, huh!??

Why not decorate your house with some pretty tassels?
xoxo Rachel 

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